Gabbly Chat:

Friday, April 25, 2008

A brief note: You may have noticed the GabblyChat box to the right of my postings. This is a random, fun little widget that allows those who are currently viewing my blog to chat with each other. Fun. Weird. Random. Mostly, you'll be the sole viewer. Once in awhile, you might find another Emily's Little World blog stalker to hang with for a minute.

I may keep this widget... I may ditch it. For now, I'm terribly amused at the idea that I might get to chat with any one of you. I already have chatted with Stefanie, Cherron, Abby, and Polly... and it was delightful!

So.... long story short, I am gonna be online tonight of all nights. Friday night. I am editing photos and it is a lonely endeavor. If you decide you wanna "go gabbly" with me, just start typing in the box to your right and I'll type right back. I'll probably stay around from 8 pm to 10 pm central time.

And just for fun, I'll come back and report tomorrow if anyone took me up on my chat offer.



  1. that was super cool - great chattin' witcha...

  2. Adina8:02 AM

    So fun - hope to "chat" with you soon!

  3. sorry about last night. i hate sharing the computer sometimes......

  4. um...i love the idea of chatting while online anyway, but i'm not sure i understand how it works- how do i know who i am? how do i know who anyone else is? maybe i'm just an idiot... maybe i'll figure it out and we'll get to chat one of these days...

  5. ugh. I read this entry this morning thinking it was for Saturday not Friday. Blah.

  6. Do you know what is funny? I just happened to click over on your blog when I saw you jump in on the chat thing. I didn't even get to the bottom of your post where you mention when you are going to be on until just now when I finally finished reading it, it was totally random. That is why I was so unprepared (i.e., kids still not asleep and jumping at my feet). Anyways, it was great talking to you for a few minutes and we should do it again soon. Love ya!


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