I Spy a Winner!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Those who responded, here's how you ranked (out of eleven, if you count the double spaghetti search):

Jaime- 7/11
Rochelle- 9/11
Valerie- 9/11
Elise- 9ish, 10ish/11 (the bottle thing is a stretch, girl.)
Andrea- 10/11 (by a HAIR of a minute!)
Jewlia- 10/11
Allie- 10/11
Amelia- 10/11 (with a clever take
on the answering process- she numbered directly on a copy of my photo for a visual explanation!)

And the winner?

Melanie, with 11 out of 11-- AMAZING! And she was the very first to email me this morning. Here are her actual emailed answers:

1. a leprechaun-- Shillelagh sign

2. my apron collection-- next to the dishwasher. So cute! I want more aprons in my life. I need to make some. . .

3. cuttings from our flowering forsythia-- in the pellegrino bottle. I miss forsythia. .. I wonder if I could get it to grow in Utah

4. the lovely casserole dish from my mother-in-law-- ooh! Le Creuset! Lucky pants. . .

5. some patched pants-- on the cute little boy on the "big patch" sign

6. a cold remedy that really works-- Zicam. . . next to the cheese grater on the microwave

7. a place for dry spaghetti and a place for wet spaghetti-- the tall skinny container on the dishwasher for dry spaghetti and the silver colander on the wall for wet

8. a fragile plant in a strange container-- looks to me like there's a plant in either a yogurt or sour cream container next to the potted plants.

9. my koolaid jug-- I'm thinking this is next to the toaster oven. . . the tall skinny kind that fits in the fridge door

10. a vestige of my Macaroni Grill days-- I was going to guess the EAT sign, but then i thought, does anyone actually drink pellegrino? Maybe it's the pellegrino bottle. . . i'm going to stick with that, though I'm probably wrong. Doesn't help that I haven't been to Macaroni Grill forever. . .

So, Mel... What do ya want? You're already crafty, so sewing you something would be pointless... I could bake you a batch of cupcakes when I get to Utah... or mail you some fun scrapbook supplies in the next few days, if you do that sort of thing? We'll talk.

Everyone else-- thanks for playing! That was actually really random, unplanned, and fun. We should do it again sometime!!


  1. What do you mean that bottle thing was a stretch?! Just because I thought it said Heinekin instead of Pellgrino?! I figured it probably had to be one of the bottles... how was I to know it was an Italian brand of water and not wine? I didn't say I thought you DRANK the wine... I just thought maybe you wanted a unique souvenier, and a wine bottle would be pretty unique for a Mormon...
    oh well- I still had fun, even if you felt you had to stretch one of my answers... ;)

  2. Hooray!!! I'm going to have to think about the best way to take advantage of your special talents :)

    Woo Hoo!

  3. What a fun little game - and what a cute corner of your home!

  4. elise- because you listed like two bottles and hoped one was right! As a teacher, you of all people should know that never counts! :)

  5. well, I'm just impressed that you actually saved something as random as a pellgrino bottle. that was super fun!

  6. for the record, I found all but the koolaid container, but didn't know it would turn into a contest (I didn't go online at all yesterday) :-)

    Still, a good idea - fun.

    And did I tell you that I've given my friend Ruth your blog address (actually, I went to your blog from her computer, so it was in her history) and she's borrowing ideas for her own blog... She wants to know how to do some things, too, so you might get some questions from her...

    Love you-

  7. i am so sad i missed this game!!! sounds like it was fun!!

  8. rats! i saw your contest and was determined to get involved...wah! yay melanie!


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