Jump For Joy, My Friends.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wouldn't life be ideal if we could sit in our doorways and just jump and bounce and bob? And be completely content and happy to do so? Observing our little universes, grinning at the people in our lives, and just being blissfully happy?

Yep... Pretty great.

(Thanks for the overwhelming response to my handsome hubby tag... It was fun to do, fun to look back on our better-looking years, and fun to see how much you guys got a kick out of it, too!)


  1. What are you talking about "better looking years"?

    I think you look wonderful *now*.

    Don't get caught in Grandma's rut - I remember watching old home movies with her one time and the main thing I remember her saying is something about "skinny Grandma" - all the time. I love her, goodness knows, but it got a bit distracting.

    And I suspect we (all of us) are always going to think we used to look better "then" - but I seriously LOVE, LOVE your pictures now. You're a beautiful lady, sis.

    Love you-

  2. PS
    The hiccups just add to the whole experience. Love it!

  3. aww...he totally got the hang of it right away! What a smart little man!!!

    And he's totally got happy feet!

    Yah Noah!

  4. Ahhhh...the jumper. Your new best friend to occupy your son while you can finally get things done. Relish the moments, he will be sick of it before you know it!

  5. As soon as I saw the title, I thought "Oh YAY, they put him in one of those jumper things!" Wheeee! Thanks for letting us be a part of Noah's inaugural Jumping! I giggled the whole time.

    And while Noah is the star of the show in these wonderful little videos you share with us, Emz, I love love love hearing you laugh as you film...that *real*, belly-deep laugh that makes me laugh too.

  6. It is wonderful hearing you take such joy in Noah's new experiences - you are doing a great job, mama!

  7. So stinkin' cute. I want to do that all day! It was fun hearing your voice too in the video.

  8. This post pushed me over the edge! I've been debating buying one of the jumperoos, but we have so many big baby things around the house already so after I watched Noah hiccup, jump, and giggle, I went to ebay and found someone selling one the next town over. So, I won the auction, and they're letting me pick it up to save shipping! I can't wait to get Claira jumping!

  9. Grandpa says "Wonderful"!!! and so do I~ Thanks for sharing this fun moment!... and cover that little man in kisses for us!

  10. Oh so cute! That looks like fun! Don't you think they should have stuff like that for adults?! :) I'd love a swing...that'd be perfect, just turn it on and it sways while I'm lulled to sleep.

    I love the video! He's just so adorable!

  11. I wish Nolan would jump like that in his jumperoo! Noah looks like he's having so much fun!! Hooray!

  12. The hicups are adorable! They seem to fit his cute lil it that he's so happy right there! PLUS...I love your lil lady to the right, drinkin her Mtn. that stuff these days!

  13. how adorable! i love this little man! and i love how you take time to share him with us like that. (i agree with genny- i love hearing your deep belly laugh as much as i enjoy noah's hiccupy giggles). seeing videos and pics like this only make me hungry for more of your "sweet pea"... soon, soon...


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