When It's Gloomy and Gray...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When it's gloomy and gray... February tends to be...

...and everything feels tired and sad and cold...

Imagine the smile that this box brings:

...and Joe and I can make it one more day.

**outside photos by Joe**


  1. um yummy!! I am jealous. I need to go there soon. Also might I steal your sling for a day or so for some show and tell? I will call you if I need it.

  2. Emily,
    You are truly the most obsessed cupcake person I have ever seen! Though I must admit they are lovely and your blog is by far the most stylish I have seen. I have now ventured into the blogging world at I am still kind of just setting up and I would love some tips on how you do all your cool things on your site.
    By the way, little Noah is adorable and will rest assured for the rest of his life that not a picture perfect moment was missed in his early days :)
    Love ya!

  3. I am so utterly sick of winter. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, the sun shined the entire glorious day... I kept wondering why I was so happy and then, right when I thought there was going to be an ounce of relief, a huge snow storm-white/out blew through today knocking our power out for three hours and stranding people on the roads for 4-5 hours. whahhhh!

  4. They've got a place down here called "Sprinkles" - a cupcake boutique. I've heard about the cupcakery. Maybe we'll have to come by and visit you guys and the cupcake hot spots. I think that cupcakes are awesome - almost as good as cookies.


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