Co-Hosting a Baby Shower

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On Saturday, I helped my friend Gina host a baby shower for our fellow friend and ward-mate, Alecia. She is expecting a baby girl in less than two weeks!

Gina and I split the food duties, and between the two of us, I think we came up with a pretty tasty brunch spread:
My Job-- cupcakes, muffins, cream puffs, and lil' smokies.
Gina's Job-- breakfast casserole, fruit, and beverages...
The cupcakes were, of course, my favorite part of the preparations... another chance to get fancy and artistic with frosting! Plus, how cute are they, displayed on my wedding-gift cake stand?

The prizes for our games were these Bath and Body Works hand soaps, which are, as Gina puts it, "an affordable luxury." I'd be tickled to get one of these as a prize, wouldn't you??

As for decor, my sister-in-law Mary and I spent a couple of hours the night before, gabbing in my kitchen while cutting out snowflakes and hearts and stringing them together... I figured since the shower was in winter, close to Valentine's Day, what better theme? Mary and I were both SO pleased with how these garlands turned out! (She's a master snowflake maker, to be sure!)

The OTHER master snowflake maker in my house, hands down, is Joe, who puts so much thought and effort into each snowflake that it's probably good we didn't use him for the mass production part. Hee hee! However, he did grace us with several of his more amazing creations to add to the final decor. My favorite? The one below, featuring baby bottles in its design. Can you believe it??

The party turned out wonderfully, the guest turnout was amazing, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. I know I did! And I bet Alecia did... I mean, look at that haul!! (And that's just the first armload!)

(here's the invite I prepared for Alecia... Some info has been erased for privacy, and the color scheme doesn't really match the final look of our shower, but at least I got it done in time to hand out to our friends!)


  1. This is amazing as well. What a dear, sweet friend you are. I bet there is a line of people waiting to be invited into your dedicated, imaginative, and fun friend realm.
    It looks like the party was fantastic.

  2. Such a cute shower! You guys are great hosts, what a lucky friend.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks again for all your help. Your touches made everything so festive.

  4. Sorry to zoom in on something random, but did you make the paper globes from Heather Bailey's pattern? I keep meaning to make some from the pattern on her blog. They are gorgeous!

  5. jodie5:25 PM

    so super cute! great job! loved the snowflake/heart garland, what a good idea!

    i hate this but i'm pushing our "date" back again... parker is having surgery on monday/tuesday and we leave thursday night for WI so next week is a wash for me. but the NEXT week I totally want to see you!

  6. Cherron2:45 PM

    Those cupcakes looked flippin' fantastic! And I loved the snowflakes.


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