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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

These two guys right here:

And all that sleep deprivation, pumping nonsense, overload of papers to grade, hot classroom, long commute, sore back, tired feet, weary mind, emotional angst, separation anxiety, new-mom guilt, terrible adjustment STUFF I'm going through?

Well, coming home to these two makes it so easy to forget all the rest of it. They bring me so much joy and help me find peace again.

They are what I'm holding on to as I get through this working-mom adjustment. They are my happiest thought.

{and isn't this fuzzy-headed Noah hairdo ridiculously cute?? I've started combing it this way 'cause it makes me smile.}


  1. That's better than a dog with a full bladder and a slightly (OK, seriously) psycho cat :-) But I guess even that is better than nothing...

    You've been in my thoughts and prayers these last couple of days, so I hope you've felt a warm fuzzy or two.

    I was going to say something else all profound. Or mushy. Or something. But it's gone now. (sigh - that seems to be happening more often lately...)

    So just remember you're loved and supported all the way out here in IN.

    Take care,


  2. So cute!!!

    My 2nd day back at work was the worst -- after that it started getting better and things started to feel okay.

    You'll be okay, but more importantly (to you, at least!) Noah will be absolutely fine. And no one ever replaces Mommy (I was worried about this, maybe you're not) -- not even an awesome, super-involved dad or a terrific and loving baby sitter, either of whom spend more time with baby than the mom.

    Somehow being mom trumps everything, thank God.

  3. It will get better. I promise. The first two weeks back at work will be like the first 2 weeks of mommyhood. Scary, stressful, and overwhelming. But you'll find your groove. It just happens.

  4. Aw, I know that feeling. In fact, my heart hurts just thinking about it. It's never easy, but it does get better.

  5. Oh my gosh, girls... Thank you. Thank you. Fern, I certainly hope so!!! I DO worry about that!
    Melanie, I'm just sick about the whole thing right now... Two weeks feels like ETERNITY right now. I keep telling myself, "time is gonna fly. It really will..."


    Thanks for the fuzzies and love.

  6. Awww look at his baby bird hair! :) I am sorry that you have to work :( Did you get my email?

  7. Can I just say, "I Love You" and I feel privlidged,blessed, and proud to be onsidered a friend of yours!

    Much Love,


  8. It is ridiculously cute!

  9. So you are back at work? So glad you have that sweetest smile to come home to. Working mom is so hard - you are amazing.

  10. I LOVE that first picture! He is so dang adorable.

    I can only imagine your pain in leaving him!! You are stronger than me, I could never do it. I would cry all day, literally. Sorry you have to work but, just know - you're a strong woman for being able to do it!!

  11. Oh my, Emily! He is just completely irresistible! Seriously! I love his hair! We like to call that "baby chick" hair. It is completely adorable and sweet. I'm thinking about you during your transition. It just makes that time with him, that much sweeter. You are a good Mommy. You're taking care of your family!
    Love ya!

  12. Hi Emily! It's Joe's cousin Brittany. I checked out your blog through Nate and Lauren's site. I'm new to this whole thing, but I must agree with Lauren that Noah is totally irresistable.

  13. I swear every single picture of Noah makes me smile. That hair is priceless.

    Hang in there, Emily. Going back to work is super hard. You are an amazing mama.

  14. PS. Kelley is me...leticia2u79 from babycenter. :) hi. Told you I'd come out of hiding!

  15. finally, I found a new invention to keep babies socks on their feet! check it out at

  16. Wow, look at all these comments! we are all pulling for you. I've always been a working mom, but I work from home. Which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because when I can steal a few seconds, I can see my babies and give them hugs and kisses. A curse because while I am slaving away in the office I can hear them laughing and playing with Grandma and I just want to be with them. And a lot of times they don't understand why I am here, but I can't be with them.
    Being a mom is so complicated and wonderful.
    PS, Noah is absolutely adorable, his face is just priceless. You did good.

  17. it is hard
    this womans work
    this mama life
    I recall going back to work after my first
    and crying a lot
    but it made me tougher and stronger and more amazing
    you will prevail
    it gets easier
    then you have another and you freakout like me
    and must quit :)
    be poor and just live
    xoxoxox Yr boys is beautiful!


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