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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just for fun... Take a journey with me. This will span a handful of years, and a multiplicity of people and places...But there is a common thread. Can anyone guess? And then guess WHY I'm posting this?

La Paz Bed & Breakfast 9.04

Brown Hotel 9.04

Mason Attic 10.04

Joe, Mason Attic 10.04

Bro Dave, Christmas '04

The new bed, Mason Attic 12.04

Joe, Christmas @ Lambson's, 12.04

Joe, Thanksgiving '05

Mason Attic 3.06

Beckie's room 5.06

Joe, Rome 6.06

Joe, Train to Switzerland 6.06

Venice 6.06

Paris 6.06

Emily, Mason Attic 7.06

Joe, Mason Attic 7.06

Emily, Mason Attic 8.06

Mom, Labor Day '06

Dad, Labor Day '06

Joe, Mason Attic 11.06

Joe, Christmas '06

Mary, Christmas '06

Lambson Siblings, Christmas '06

Joe, Christmas '06

Emily, Chicago 12.06

Joe, Mason Attic 2.07

Joe, Mason Attic 3.07

Lambson Siblings & Joe, St. Louis 7.07

Noah & Joe, Mason Attic 12.07



  1. Beds, and sleeping...because you don't get to sleep as much? Mmmmm...I love sleep.

  2. i'm guessing you don't see your bed much. and all of those pics look like great memories. where was "terinas house in germany on the blow up bed in her living room" picture?? heehee. i hope you get sleep soon. i do know and feel your pain. if i could, i would come over so that you could nap. at least once a week.

  3. You guys are always sleeping? Except for you?? haha isn't that the way it goes?

  4. deprivation of sleep...I'm home, been in the bed since 6pm yesterday...and still in my pjs...I'm sure I have the flu...uggghhhhhh...fixin to go back to nights will be back to normal before yours are, though. when do you go back to school again....yikes!

  5. New mother syndrome.... ? I completely agree!

  6. If it is what the others are saying, then I am so sorry that you aren't sleeping. If you need tips to get your little one to sleep at night, let me know! I figured out a few methods, for both of my kids, who now, thankfully both sleep through the night! Aww, I send you (((((Hugs)))) Valerie BBC

  7. absolutely, beds and sleep and relaxing and quite and all the stuff you AREN'T getting right now. I know it is so tiring to be a new mom and there is nothing more you want than to sleep and not be woken up or get up until YOU are ready. I wish I could be there to help..... the sad thing is you will never sleep like that again, well, at least not until your kids grow up and move out and then; i have heard, you are still up worrying about them.

  8. Im guessing that Noah Slept through the WHOLE night :) Ok, well, it is more of a hope for you then a guess, but still :D

  9. I KNOW THIS ONE!!! They all have dates at the end. And you're posting it have a date? the...end? What?

  10. Ahhh, sleep...bed...wouldn't it be so nice to climb in bed and catch some zzzz's? Looking at all those pictures makes me want a nap. I know you must really be needing it! It'll get better, don't worry. There are those ups & downs. Sleepless nights with the occasional longer haul. I'll wish for a "longer haul" for you soon.

  11. like a thirsty woman in the desert, so you ache for just a wink of sleep.


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