Happy Little Baker

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yesterday, the primary goal for my day to be a success was to bake two batches of muffins and a double batch of cupcakes for my friend Alecia's baby shower today. Seems like a lot, eh? But baking has always been fun for me, so I looked forward to the challenge.

With this MAJOR goal in mind, I set out to the grocery store early, digging my car out of 7 inches of new snow and pushing through unplowed streets and parking lots to get my supplies.
Once I got home and got warm, the baking commenced:

{don't cute aprons always make it seem more fun?? They motivate me!}

{My apron was created by OliveJuice and Co.- This lady is AMAZING!}

{a little baking attitude, here:}

{...and some of the results? Voila! Cranberry muffins, cupcake batter ready to bake, and the mini-muffin tin is for bran muffins, coming up!}

... and you'll just have to tune in next time for the final photos of the lovely cupcakes and other baby shower goodies. That's all for tonght! I'm going to go have a cupcake.


  1. Hey...that IS a cute apron. And you're right...they do make it more fun. That makes me wanna dig up a cute one that a gal made for me in Chile...hmmmmm, wonder where that one even is!!! ps- looks like you got a nose ring in that one picture w/ "muffin bakin attitude"...check it out! AWESOME!

  2. jodie2:12 PM

    love the apron, love the butt photo!, love that you baked on a cold snowy day, and just waiting for the sledding photos!

    our date has to wait a week or so b/c I don't want to expose Noah to the chicken pox! that would NOT be good!

    BUT, went to a Mardi Gras party at our church last night and took INDOOR photos in BAD lighting late at NIGHT and got some good shots! you advice and the new lens are rocking my world right now! thanks!

  3. You are so freakin adorable! I am totally in love with this blog and find myself inspired daily! Now I need to get a cute skirt and maybe all my cooking failures will disappear!

    I cannot believe your mom is a celiac! For my entire life I had never heard of such a thing and now, after Will's diagnoses, I see gluten-free everywhere and Celiacs all around! If she has any pointers I'd be happy to hear them!

  4. Your blog is awesome! I am v inspired! My blog kinda stinks,(I am new at this) but I have some cupcake artwork on my zazzle site which you might like...
    Loving your sons birth anouncement, too! Way cool!

  5. HA! I love it!! Thanks for being so sweet about the apron. You look smashing, my dear.

  6. You are so adorable! It's clear what a loyal, helpful friend you are to others. I always love to see your home in your pictures. It always looks so warm and cozy...just the way HOME should.

  7. you're so cute lol


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