Blast From the Past!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tonight, Joe's and my chore was to get all our CD's organized. YIKES!!! The system we came up with is this:

~ no jewel cases, only zippered CD books
~ 2-per-page books representing specific genres (country/bluegrass; rock/alternative; classical/jazz; etc.)
~ one BIG 4-per-page case with all the burned CDs

So after a LONG sorting and shuffling and all the other tasks related to this, we now have 7 or 8 organized CD books full of our blended, sorted music. (No, we did NOT alphabetize. That's never worked as well as I have hoped. What do you do when you get a new CD? Re-shuffle the whole collection??)

And in looking through CD's, I found some data discs from my last year in Utah, when I was rooming at the Shaklee Mansion with Melody, Center Street, Provo.

Now think back a second: January 2002 to September 2002. What were you up to? Did you know me? Were you part of my Utah family? Did I take any incriminating photos of you?

I was turning 25, working temporarily as a marketing/public relations gal for a cellophane manufacturer... graduated from BYU. Attending BYU 212 singles ward. Working at Macaroni Grill. Single. Driving a silver Civic. Goofin' around with Melody, the best roommate I have EVER had (not counting Joe.)

So sit back. Enjoy these shots from the past. If you're in them, tell me how they make you feel. If you didn't know me yet, here's a bit of history to get you caught up. If you are just a random lurker, I'll try to include a few REALLY odd ones, just for curiosity's sake.

(Melody, watch out!!!)

~here's the ol' roommate now!~

~this was Melody's computer desktop photo for a long time~
(yes, it's me.)

~Still one of my favorite pics from that time~

~the wicked smirk~
~the sultry stare~

~what is THAT????~

~oh, now I'm cute again.~

~rockin' out with the boys at a Butt Rock Party~

~two of the hostesses of the party, with their friends~

~hi, y'all!~
~Cammie-- this one's for you!~

~ gosh, I'm so RIPPED! (Melody's plaster sculpture. Of a MAN. Not me.)~

~Katie-- the next two are for you! She's so TINY! Can't believe she's five years old now!!~

~Road trips make me CRAZY!!~

~Ahh, moving. Yuck. Who here actually LIKES packing? Not I!!! Lately, with the rearranging, my home looks a lot like this again!!~

.... And there it is.

Katie, I have another post comin', just for you. Well, Sarah and ROchelle, you'll get a kick out of it too. But you'll just hafta wait. Don't want to dilute the effect by sticking it on the end of this long post.

Hope it was mildly entertaining for the rest of you!


  1. Too fun!! How are you doing? hOw is the babes? Miss ya!

  2. hey, Jaims! Life is pretty good here! Not ready for school to start. How's alpine??

  3. Techically it's 3 hostesses of the party. I don't know who that girl is in the white. Fun pictures!

  4. Wow... First thoughts? I'm thinner than I thought back then... Ella doesn't even look the same... I like my pink eyeshadow... Ella doesn't even look the same... I have a neck... Ella doesn't even look the same, but man I want to squeeze that baby and give her millions of little kisses!

  5. Fun times. I love blasts from the past. I didn't make any photos but feel lucky that I knew you in those days. Ah the Mac Grill was good times.

  6. alison-- if i scanned a few, i'd have some VERY incriminating photos of you, too!!! :)

  7. What fun! You guys LOOK like the best roommates ever!

  8. Emily,
    You don't know me, but I am in your mom & dad's ward. I actually know Melody from school up in Kirksville... I LOVED seeing the pics of her more wild days. Thanks for sharing!

  9. No you did not just post this!!!!!!!!!How am I not allowed to preview such incriminating things!! For everyone's information this first picture was a series in about 300 photos that we took the first day I ever had my own digital camera. Not that that makes this shot ANY less embarrasing!!
    Ha, ha, it cracks me up that Tisha commented! Oh how I love this blogging crazyiness!
    Miss you Em. You always have a way of SHAKING life up. :)


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