Our Harry Potter Party Last Week:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Silly me!
Kirsti, Kyle and Sarah
Sarah and Ben
Ben and Elise
Evil Kirsti

The crew, drinking butterbeer
At the bookstore:

The morning after... Big Book Feast!!

My family is full of lovable dorks. I'm maybe one of the biggest. I LOVE that part of us, and we are all very comfortable in our dorkiness. So, since book 7 of Harry Potter has been so eagerly anticipated by nearly every member of our family, we decided to do it up right, complete with costumes, hotel rooms, and an all-night book party.

All the family (minus parents, julina, tamara) came to St. Louis and we checked into two lovely, fancy hotel rooms near the bookstore. We swam, quizzed each other on previous H.P. facts and trivia, then went to dinner. At dinner, we all voiced predictions for how the story might turn out. Conversation got quite impassioned and loud. We probably scared our waiter and most of the tables near us.

We then headed to the Masonic Lodge to get into costume. Some simply wore t-shirts in honor of the night. Others, myself included, went all out. As follows:

Me: the dingy, ditzy fortune-teller Professor Trelawney
Elise: Aurer and hair color changer Tonks

Beckie: T-shirt wearer

Steven: T-shirt wearer
Sarah: loony Luna Lovegood

Kirsten: Evil, vicious, dark Bellatrix LeStrange

Kyle: Harry Potter!

Joe: himself. Scary.

Ben: random Hogwarts student.

We went to a street festival at the bookstore down the street from my home, then ended up at Borders, where our books were reserved. Once all our books were in hand, about an hour after midnight, we all headed back to the hotel rooms and began reading the epic finale to this great series. It was PERFECT. When morning came, everyone woke up and began reading some more. Most of us finished the book by the end of the weekend. All of us loved it immeasurably. The rest of you? Dorks or not, I hope you get a kick out of the photos.


  1. coughcoughnerdcoughcough haha I love it! Looks like you had tons of fun!

  2. i stole your pictures and posted them on facebook- if this offends you, too bad. HAHA! Seriously, if you feel I'm infringing on copyright, tell me and I'll remove them.

  3. Great pictures! I might have to pull a steven and take the pictures...hmmmm.

    And just so you know, "Matt's" name is actually Ben. But thats just a small mistake...

  4. CRAP!!! I always do that. I'ma fixin' it now.

  5. I love that you did this. I wish my family were a little more comfortable in their dorkiness. Now THAT's something I wouldn't have said ten years ago. Justin walked by while I was reading your post and said 'Yeah, that's cool'. Interpretation, big approval from him. You guys are so cute.

  6. So funny! I love that you guys made a great deal of this. So fun! THis is a memory you will always share and cherish! Thanks for sharing. YOu look awesome! I couldn't tell it was you!


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