Basic, Photo-less Update:

Monday, August 20, 2007

For your reading enjoyment, or just for updating purposes, here is me right now:

1. Major heartburn since lunch. It is coming sooner these days and staying stronger. Fight, Rolaids, fight!!
2. I am now 26 1/2 weeks along, or 6.5 months. I've gained 14 lbs., and my belly is noticeable but not HUGE.
3. Noah bumps and nudges several times a day, which is fun.
4. School is finally settling into a routine. I am implementing the seating charts tomorrow, FINALLY, after a first week of madness, inconsistency, and frustration. I even have access to my district's server, finally! (Two weeks late.)
5. My home is still in that 85% done phase of rearranging. Left to do?--Hang pictures. Buy fun curtains. Organize the project room. Set up the baby's part of the project room. Clean out my hallway. Put away leftover home decor. Organize art-making space. Organize papers. Clean/paint laundry room.
6. I learned how to make banana bread. It's dang easy. Why haven't I done this sooner??
7. I am trying to get myself out of "coping mode" and into "thriving mode"... feels like i have just been barely making it through my life since we got back from Utah.
8. I am craving AUTUMN so much. Enough with the heat!
9. I'm loving maternity clothes and preggy bellies. SO EASY!
10. I have been devouring good books over the last month: Harry Potter7, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Water For Elephants, Into the Wild, Uglies, Pretties, and soon I will check out Specials and finish that trilogy. LOVING THESE BOOKS!

...And there it is. Four days left of school this week. Gonna try to do more than just collapse at the end of each day. Gonna try to make my siblings' birthday presents. Maybe send a few little pieces of mail out. Order and organize even a small portion of the remainder of my to-do list.

Gonna go eat another Rolaids.

That's all for now, folks! Thanks for checking in!


  1. I totally remember the heart burn days. In the beginning of my pregnancy I thought, "I'm going to just really enjoy eating lots of good food and feeding my baby. . ." --wasn't so easy. between feeling like I wanted to throw up and then having it change to heart burn during the end of the pregnancy (it was more like throat burn for me) I just didn't enjoy food like I imagined. Hang in there! It will soon pass.

    I love that you are reading so many good books. Inspiring. I did finish one book this summer and during the reading I was so in to it. I need to find another book to read.

    Any suggestions? What was your favorite book so far this summer?

  2. This was a fun update. I feel for you on the heartburn. I suffered the entire pregnancy and it felt like my throat was constantly ON FIRE! Love all the books you've been reading. I have read some and now I am excited to learn about others. I am totally obsessed with the Twilight series.

    Oh, and now that we know about your house projects you should post pics when you have completed them. Motivation to complete.

  3. Cammie: i love that we're back in touch, too! Any of the books I listed in this blog entry are REALLY worth reading. "Water For Elephants" has some racy sexual stuff, but the rest is so worth it. "Kite Runner" is really powerful, but has some tough stuff to handle in it. "Twilight" is the super-popular vampire trilogy written for teens by a stay-at-home LDS mom. REALLY ADDICTIVE!

    Alison-- I love that idea!! I really need to use your suggestion as motivation. I will try to post pics, if i ever get in gear!

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM


    Life is crazy, isn't it? A friend just loaned me twilight, so I will start reading tonight. Can't wait!



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