Pretty Girl!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I got to take my boss's daughter's senior portraits last weekend. It is fun to do these because it is such a different thing than traditional wedding/family stuff... More funky. I love high school kids anyway, with their unique perspective on life and their own developing style, so capturing it in photographs is very satisfying. Check this little lady out!

{all photos taken within a block of my amazing Masonic Lodge. Great neighborhood!!}


  1. These are so gorgeous Emily!! I love her hair! How are you?

  2. Great pics! Was she at all weirded out that you worked with her mom? She looks fabulous. Great job capturing her fresh personality.

  3. Love these pics. Did she feel like a model when you were taking these, because these look like magazine shots! Love it!

  4. She's lucky she asked you to do these. they are fantastic!


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