Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm sitting in front of the computer tonight, alone with Joe at work, and I am feelin' gloomy. Dunno why. Hmm:

1. Could be that I am lonely after a whole evening of nothing but iTunes and photo editing to keep me company.

2. Could be the predictable heartburn lightly affecting me the whole evening.

3. Could be the rib issue I've had for two months now, acting up and hurting a bit in the back and the front.

4. Could be the piles of stuff in my house that still need to be sorted/put away after our big SHUFFLE.

5. Could be that I am physically less-than-ready to tackle said piles because of rib/pregnancy/and starting back at school yesterday.

6. Could be that I'm back at my full-time job after a lovely but too-short summer.

7. Could be the 100+ heat inflicting my town, keeping my air conditioner from efficiently cooling the air below 80 degrees. I HATE being hot.

8. Could be that I am hungry, so my blood sugar is low, but heartburn prevents ANYTHING from sounding good.

9. Could be hormones.

10. Could be lots of other things....

And I am usually really positive/motivated/happy to have evenings alone now and again....I was especially looking forward to this one because it is the first night I have had free sans Joe to actually tackle some projects, but when I got home from a long day at work, I just wanted to sleep. Which I did for an hour, but slept HOT in the 80 degree house and woke with a sweaty head and a leaving husband and no energy to do any of the originally planned projects.

And I DID get some much needed photo editing done, but while that is a check mark on the to-do list, I still feel crummy. And even Noah has abandoned me. I haven't felt him kick all evening, so even he is sleeping on the job.

Man, I'm a downer. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


  1. Sad days cuz!! I'm going with the hormones, definately. Those things are the devil. I remember mine were crazy. I was totally happy one minute and balling my eyes out the next over something as stupid as somebody not calling when they sad they would.

    I was mean, whenever Kason was sleeping and I wanted to make sure he was okay, I would poke him until he woke up ... hee hee mean mommy.

    I hope you have a happier day tomorrow!!! Love ya!

  2. the heartburn is the worst!! and being pregnant during the summer is also horrible!! i feel your pain. maybe find something that you can do sitting down. if i were closer i would go and get you some tums in hopes that would help you feel better.

  3. Oh I hate days like that, but don't beat yourself up for just wanting to sit there. I want to do that just about everyday. Hormones and exhaustion and low blood sugar is a lethal combination. I hope today is a better day for you.

  4. How in the world did you find that pic? It is too perfect!
    And of course I've seen all these photos for years, but they are always fun!


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