Tuesday, August 21, 2007

J on canvas O S E p H_McElman_070716_2511

is the name we are going with for our son...
Ready for a long explanation??
Joe's dad is Joseph Moroni and my husband is Joseph Ammon. We wanted to keep the tradition going, but we have enough Joes around... And with it not being a Jr./Sr. thing, it gets tricky to keep them separate. Family and friends used to call their house and ask for "Big Joe" or "Little Joe." After awhile, this became silly and inaccurate, since both were BIG. These days, I call my dad-in-law "Papa Joe" and my hubby just "Joe". When I talk to my mom-in-law, we call them "MY Joe". *smile*

So you see, while the tradition is really cool, we are ready to NOT add another Joe. So in keeping with the pattern, the middle name "Noah" is scriptural in origin, but is also VERY nice as the primary name.

Long story short, our son is Joseph Noah, but we'll call him Noah. Means "peaceful", "comforter", or "rest". Not bad! Maybe he'll live up to that meaning and be mellow and serene. If he ends up anything like me, he won't be.

{if you like the letters pictured above, try this website to make your own "sign lettering" words using Flickr}


  1. cute name :) I love those letters and I am going to go and make me something :)

  2. Jeanne Lambson8:40 AM

    So "jono" as a nickname? Probably not?


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