My Southerland Family

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joe's dad's side of the family is a wacky, brilliant, sarcastic bunch that we fit right into. It was so fun to get to see nearly half of the whole bunch while we were in Utah and Las Vegas, and hang out at several of their fun homes during the process... here are some pictures:

Joe and Aunt Margaret hanging out at Aunt Reva's home in Salt Lake City (we also got to see Margaret's home in Las Vegas that she is renovating!).
Cousins Jeanette and Vaughn, acting pretty much like they always do.

Joe with Aunt Phyllis at hers and Scott's home in Las Vegas.

Uncle Scott in the pool with his two favorite little guys. This man was BORN to be a grandpa!!

Cousin Nanette with her cute family in Mesquite, Nevada. They were so gracious to feed us a tasty lunch and let us use their shower between our HOT camping in Zion's National Park and the rest of our drive to Las Vegas. Lifesavers!!!

Cousin Aubrey and her cute family-- all boys!! here, they are at Aunt Reva's house in SLC.

Aunt Reva and Uncle Sam with their son Mark, hosts to the Southerland family BBQ while we were in town.

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