Laughing Til Your Stomach Hurts is One of Life's Greatest Joys.

Friday, August 10, 2007


As is having true, deep, genuine, lifelong friends.

Remember this, Katie, Sarah, and Rochelle? We were at Sarah's house, working on photos, scrapbooks, and just hanging out. And then these photos came out. And we all DIED. I mean, CRYING heavily as we laughed. (And if I remember correctly, we were not just dying laughing over these photos, but also over the "International Male" clothing catalogue that Sarah had gotten in the mail. Who are they kidding??) I think we were prone to giggling fits that night.

I can't remember many times since this that I have laughed SO HARD. And it is a perfectly marvelous memory for me. So come back to this little blog post and ogle Ana's wig/glasses pic for a little pick-me-up whenever you may need it.

And remember that we are friends for life. You and me, girls.


And since we are tripping down memory lane, let me pay tribute to Katie Benson's photography.

I have been lucky to watch some of her amazing journey to professional photography, and even be a participant in it. She is so generous with her advice to me and her willingness to share her talent. She continues to amaze me with her abilities and her growth. Check out both her blog AND her website to see more of what I mean: Kate Benson Photography

And enjoy one of my favorite photography memories I've gotten to share with Katie...2001, early morning, in swamp-like conditions, in a D.I. dress, ankle deep in mud, gently inhaling mosquitoes, capturing the perfect light in the perfect spot for a perfectly unforgettable photograph.

or these ones: Hangin' out in a Utah farmer's hayfield. In a prom dress. Why not?
(click on any of these to see them larger)

Lucky me. Truly. To have these memories, these friends, and the reassurance that these friends will continues to be an important part of my life. You know who you are.


  1. OMGOSH too funny! How are you doing?

  2. I loved the photos! You are so cute!

  3. oh my!!!!!!!! Lovin the D.I. dresses....what a crack up! You are sooo crazy!

  4. Holy Moly, I remember when I took those and that night we laughed... awwww, I really need to laugh like that again, especially lately!
    Too funny.

  5. Can we go back? I miss those times. I miss laughing that hard with such good friends. And I miss looking at International Male. You are the best!


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