Sewing as a Form of Nesting

Friday, March 11, 2011

So that whole "nesting instinct" that we preggy gals are supposed to get? Mine has been ebbing and flowing over the last several weeks, in lots of forms. I definitely get the "order and organize my nest" bug--- and try to attack while that impulse is strong... 

But funnily enough, more than not this season, it has been SEWING that has been my form of nesting. I've been itching to make things right and left, and not always for baby. Recently, we got Noah into a toddler bed (finally), and before we could set it up, I suddenly had my heart SET on making him a blanket for the bed... Perfectly sized for a toddler bed, a new, fresh look for his room... And I couldn't get it out of my mind. 

Besides, Noah was acting hesitant about the whole "big boy bed" concept ("No, mama--- LUCY can have the big boy bed and I'll stay in this crib.")... So I began really talking up his new SUNSHINE BLANKET as a way to get him pumped for the change. I had this vision of a cool grey-blue (wedgewood-ish) blanket with an off-center modern-ish sunshine on it in my favorite sunny yellow... Appliqued on... And then a pinstripe fabric for the back... Maybe some clouds on the pillow sham.... I was super excited to make the vision a reality. 

So after a few setbacks with fabric and colors, I finally collected all my supplies and got the project started:

{that's the sunshine, traced onto interfacing to be ironed onto the yellow fabric}

And after some pain and sacrifice (namely shoving this HUGE project through my machine to top-quilt it!!) I made my dream a reality!! 
(this is the NEARLY-finished blanket.... Just needs some binding!)

And for the pinstripe back? Mattress ticking stripe! Could there be anything cooler??:

I am completely in love with the finished product--- I even made a great pillow sham with two mattress ticking clouds appliqued on it... And Noah's big boy bed is set up and cute and covered in his new SUNSHINE blanket.... And of COURSE I should have a finished photo, right??

Except the soft blanket I have under the new sunshine blanket is a fuzzy one, and has spit its fuzzballs ALLLLL over that lovely dark blue fabric. It looks like Noah's stuffed animals have dandruff or something. SAD. Also, the darn toddler bed, with its rails on, is a snug, safe thing when the mattress is in it, and there is NO ROOM to tuck the nice, thick blanket I made where the rails sit. So as a REALITY, there are some issues. Darn fuzz. Darn rails. So. One day soon, I swear, I will go de-fuzz the new blanket, JAM the comforter into a photo-worthy semblance of prettiness on the bed, and SNAP A PHOTO of the finished product. Someday. 

But anyway. On to happier thoughts. This sunshine blanket was the PERFECT project to get me in the quilting groove for my next big task: Lucy's baby quilt.
I've never quilted before. Not really. I've patched fabric together, and I've used batting, etc... But a FORMAL quilt? with formal quilting techniques, tools, fabric, binding, etc? Never done it. 

So making Noah's blanket, with the precision measurements, the double layer of batting, the top-stitching, the binding--- It was all a great practice run to get me ready for the FIRST QUILT. 

Lucy's quilt... Because it's my first, it's a bit epic. Ha! The gut wrenching decisions about what fabrics to use. The nail-biting about actually making the first cuts... The nervousness about not being precise enough and it not all matching up like it should.... EPIC. 

But the quilt top is actually DONE--- and it was surprisingly satisfying and empowering to work through it. 

And while this would be the place to show you my progress, I'm not gonna. Because it's not done yet-- needs top-stitching and binding--- and I want to debut it as a final thing. 

Til then, I can tease you with the gorgeous fabric I went with for the design:

{Amy Butler's Soul Blossom Collection, with some odds and ends added in}

Seriously, so pretty!!

I am developing a love affair with fabric that is getting absurd. But makes me oh so happy!!

And while it seems amazing to me, I think this quilt might actually get done before the baby arrives. WOW!!
Meanwhile, the nesting continues. I still have a list of projects I am half-started on, or planning, and it has been really fulfilling to sit and stitch when that nesting thing comes on strong. In a few weeks, I'll be able to do some bigger nesting things--- paint the baby room, move in the quilt and other furniture... Organize baby clothing onto shelves... Etc. But for now, the sewing is working for me. 


Oh, and a few last photos that make me smile. What might be one way to keep the 3-year-old entertained while I sit and sew just a bit longer?


How about resigning yourself to letting him explore an entire 7-lb. bag of cotton/poly batting? 

I mean, it's like he's sleeping in clouds!

And 7 pounds is a LOT of batting:

And ya know what? It was pretty easy to clean up in spite of the vastness of the mess. So would I let him do that again? ABSOLUTELY. He had fun, I got to sew.... 



  1. That turned out AWESOME. And I love Noah playing in the batting!! SO cute! I can't wait for you to defuzz so I can see the whole thing! :)

  2. Beautiful! Great choices and execution on Noah's quilt, and can't wait to see Miss Lucy's!

  3. The sunshine reminds me of the sun you cut out and taped to my window in my first classroom, you know, b/c the sun used to blare into my room in the afternoon? All of your projects are very cute. Pregnancy suits you. So glad you are doing well.

  4. It makes me happy to see the projects we talked about coming to fruition. The Noah blanket turned out awesome, and I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. (I feel kinda privileged that I know what the pattern is ;)

    Love, love you, sis

  5. Pah! I don't know if you meant to do it, but you made me think of Charlie Sheen at the end there and I laughed.

    Also, I need you to know that you are so often my inspiration! You want to do things and you say to yourself "I am going to do that" and you do it.

    I often psych myself out and say "this isn't realistic". But when I read your blog I get revved up to actually DO something! Like go find an old used guitar and buy some new strings, string it up, and teach myself to play. Or start to teach myself knitting. Or just do SOMETHING for ME that isn't watching a movie (because that's how I indulge myself lately).

    This wasn't meant to be a loooong comment. SORRY!

    Love ya!


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