36 Weeks: How Are We In the Final Stretch Already??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had my weekly doctor's appointment yesterday. I'm up by 2 pounds, baby still looks great, still plenty of fluid in my belly... 

Since getting gestational diabetes, I have had to go weekly, and it is kind of a nuisance--- I have to be put on the fetal heart monitor for a 30-minute non-stress test every time, and with Noah in tow, it can get a bit frazzling to be strapped to a table and unable to accommodate his neediness. Too, the doc does an ultrasound each time, just a fast one, to check a few things like the fluids and the heartbeat, the position, etc.

As of next week, when the weekly visits would have started anyway, I begin the countdown to actual birth. And that is crazy to me. I want to go into labor naturally, despite having had a C-section with Noah. I want to try for a VBAC, and to really raise my chances of success, I need to avoid induction if at all possible. Therefore, the goal will be to wait it out til the last possible day.... and my doc will let me go over my due date (4.11.11) by 3-4 days, so the countdown begins NOW. 

Things left to do:

~ Pack the hospital bags
~ Assemble the pack n' play for Lucy's bassinet 
~ Buy some newborn and size 1 diapers (I'm a Pampers Swaddlers snob for the first couple of months! Any deals right now?)
~ Finish her quilt (SO close! I found a pro quilter to do the quilting part, and she'll have it back to me quickly so I can bind it. If the baby isn't super early, this will get done! If it doesn't get done, no big deal... It's not like she can appreciate it at 2 days old, right??)

Really, I'm not feeling too worried about the to-do list finally... I'm getting excited, and if she came this week, I'd not feel like she'd jumped the gun and taken away my prep time... That said, I'm happy to keep sleeping in a bit and playing with just Noah and having "me" time just a bit longer. So I'm in no hurry. 

Noah and I are headed to Columbia tonight.... one more spontaneous jaunt to my folks' house for an overnight... Dinner plans with my bessie and her hubs...Some good quality grandparent time for Noah... A fun midweek adventure. 

So on that note, I should probably throw our things in the duffel bag... We have a drive to get to! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow--- wear green!! :)


  1. Enjoy Columbia! It is absolutely beautiful today!

  2. It will be here before you know it!!

  3. My first pregnancy ended in a c-section (after 31 hours of pitocin hell and pushing unsuccessfully). I've had three VBACs since then, two of which still involved pitocin to "supplement" labor. So it can definitely be done.

    Why will your doctor only let you go 3-4 days over? At least one of my VBACs was past then. Of course, I guess all doctors have different things they are comfortable with.

    Good luck!

  4. Good luck! And enjoy the trip to CoMo to spent time with parents and that fabulous best friend of yours.

    I, too, am a Pampers Swaddlers snob...I will let you know if I run across deals. The best deal I've seen so far is the Pampers value packs at BRU--I wait until they have a buy 2, get a $10 or $15 card deal. Then if you buy 9 boxes and have a BRU card, you get the 10th free...and then I add coupons on to that each time I buy. There were some coupons in the paper inserts this weekend or last...

  5. Cheap diapers? Amazon Mom with Subscribe and Save. You get 30% off their list price and then can cancel before they ship them to you again. Size 1'a are 14 cents each right now. Even better if you can bum a coupon somewhere.

  6. Best of luck to you on your VBAC! I was able to have one and it was so amazing.

  7. Have fun! By the way, where did you get your cute pink cardigan. I've been looking everywhere for one exactly like the one you're wearing :)


  8. You look so great! I can't wait to see what creative idea you came up with for the quilt!

  9. if you join amazon mom and then look for subscribe and save diapers, that gives you 30% off and they get shipped to your door however often you select. just make sure you either cancel the subscribe and save if you don't want that to continue or switch to the next size up.


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