38 Weeks ... Only a Few More of These Pics!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Just a little bit longer! And BOY am I feeling PREGNANT. For the last several days, I've just felt.... PREGNANT. Turns out, it's because my baby has dropped. And I am such a novice, I didn't realize it til seasoned mamas told me so. Ha! But it makes total sense---before, where I was able to walk around a TON without feeling too tired or BIG, suddenly I can barely walk down one aisle at the grocery store without feeling all this PRESSURE. So tiring! 

So. I have my 38-week appt. tomorrow, and we'll see how things are progressing. *shrug* 

I just keep thinking--- this will likely be TOTALLY different than my Noah experience... And I really have NO idea what is coming. Will my water break? It did with Noah. Will I go early? I did with Noah. Or will I go over my due date and have to induce? Will I wake in the middle of the night with real contractions? I've not experienced that before. With Noah, I had mild sporadic ones, but they didn't solidify into REAL, countable contractions until they pushed Pitocin on me as a remedy for speeding things up. This time, I WANT to wait for the REAL, natural contractions. I WANT to time them. Wait. See. 

But who knows? I have NO clue what is coming.

That's kinda fun. I'm not gonna lie.

And even feeling SUPER pregnant, I am still loving it. I am that woman-- the one who loves being pregnant. So I'm in no rush to end it. All is well.


  1. I love the background you chose for your 38 week pic. Very fun! Our baby came a month early so I never got past 36 weeks, but I should have followed the signs. I had dropped and couldnt walk either. lol. I felt very prego and your right each baby birth is different. It was so different this time around. But in a very good way. :) Good luck! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Oh, Em'! I'm so very excited for you! I love love love all the belly pics and hearing that after such a rough start, you are loving the experience til the end! Good luck! I cannot wait to see her! Love & Positivity to your family!!!

  3. Emily I'm so excited for you and your family!! :) I was also one of those women who LOVED being pregnant as well :) Can't wait to see your precious little girl!

  4. You're SO close to meeting your little girl! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  5. Isn't it exciting? I would advise (because you are pregnant and therefore a target of advice), just let it happen and don't think TOO much about what it was like with Noah. It will be different.

  6. beautiful ! I am loving all your bg's too. I know that feeling very well.. like your insides are falling out! just a little bit longer til you are face to facce with that sweet lil' girl !

  7. This post makes me happy!

  8. I've so enjoyed watching you and Lucy grow all these weeks, you are just BEAUTIFUL! Even though you haven't shown your face in any of these, I can just TELL. So glad you are enjoying it, this riding of the wave that is soon to crest. Just relax and stay loose and that wave will carry you right to your baby girl! :)


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