Flashback Post: Remember This Survey?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

{Photo from October, 2008}

I just got a random comment from some Russian blogger on THIS post. October 21, 2008. 1.5 years ago.

I don't know that person who commented. I'm not even sure it was a legit comment. Maybe it was spammy? But regardless, it made me click back to that post and check it out.... To see why someone would find it years later.

And ya know what? It was a jolly good read! Fascinating to see how little has changed since then... And what HAS changed. So, for fun, I am going to repost this survey in it's original form... But then I'm going to add/change things that apply to today... Kind of a "Where Are They Now" thing.

Maybe the will bore the HECK outta you... But it's going to be fun for me, so neener neener. And If you've not done this one yourself, go do it! Then tell me so I can go read. I love this stuff!
(Thanks, Morris5, for the flashback! This is all YOUR fault!)

So. Original post will be in black... and my July 2010 edits will be in GREEN.

Here we go!


Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now:

2010 list--
1. Thank you for all you did, all those years, even with all of us. I am only a fraction as busy as you, and I can't fathom how you did it, and so well.
2. I wanna make out with you in a movie theater. Let's choose a lame movie soon and go smooch.
3. I'm trying to be patient, but... the yearning is sorta getting painful.
4. I wish I was coming, too, so we could hang out for three days straight and catch up and play.
5. I wanna be loved like that, too...
6. You have become a deeper, richer, better, more amazing friend year after year. I love seeing us grow.
7. A thank you would be nice, ya know??
8. Two doughnuts and a chocolate milk, please! Stat!
9. You don't even begin to understand how happy you make me, or how incredible you are to me.
10. I'm sorry I'm not the person I know I have in me. I'm so unworthy of your forgiveness and of all these blessings. But I'm trying. Not hard enough, but it's a start.

1. I remember you. Always would have. Be at peace.
2. You're my favorite and all of it was perfect.
3. I'm sorry. I'd love to know you now, and see if you're still brilliantly witty.
4. You're more patient with me than I deserve.
5. You are angry and unpleasant and I don't miss our friendship.
6. I'll try to be more sweet tomorrow-- because you're not trying to push my buttons.
7. We might need more than one year.
8. Thank goodness you never asked me out!!
9. I'll have a turkey reuben, 10-inch, with a soda, please.
10. You are appallingly thankless, and I don't care if we ever talk again.

Nine Things About Myself:
This list is totally still relevant! Cool!
1. I sleep with my feet poking out of the blankets and sheets. (Sleeping bags drive me NUTS.)
2. I was a singer in a former life.... symphony, choirs, solos, lessons, the whole bit. Now, Noah is my main audience.
3. I start a LOT of things I don't finish. I'm trying to get better.
4. My favorite animal is a humpback whale, and has been since 4th grade. Because they sing.
5. I am a better mom than I thought I'd be.
6. I LOVE sleep and sugar-- my two vices.
7. I spend waaay too much time at this computer.
8. I am content in my attic, and don't need my own house anytime soon. The only things I would like that moving offers is a space to create art, and new couches.
Still content in Kate's house--- still want new couches.
9. I am trying to maximize my October this year-- getting outside each day, enjoying Fall-y flavors and activities.... Just soaking it all in. LOVE this season.
Ooh, DANG this made me crave Fall. Dang dang dang. LOVE that season!!

Eight Ways to Win My Heart:
Oh these are ALL still true. And made me happy to read...
1. Bring me a cupcake or cookie.
2. Make me a mix CD.
3. Listen to my rambling and philosophizing and ramble and philosophize back.
4. Show some vulnerability.
5. Make me laugh.
6. Don't make me feel stupid.
7. Go to a fair/festival/antique shop/thrift store/historical town with me.
8. Give me unexpected little things-- notes, treats, hugs, etc.

Seven Things That Cross My Mind a Lot:
gonna redo this without checking my 2008 answers first--
1. Will we have enough money?
2. Is Noah happy? Being stimulated? Learning to be a good person?
3. What else have I forgotten?
4. What needs to be done that still hasn't gotten done?
5. Ways to improve my shooting and business. This crap sneaks in ALL THE TIME.
6. I am not happy with how I look these days.
7. How can I support Joe and make his life easier?
8. How do I balance it all?
9. When's it my turn?
10. Why am I so undisciplined in all of it?

1. Noah's well-being
2. Joe's well-being
3. Sleep and when/how to get it, or if I haven't gotten it...
4. Photography needs/client needs/work stuff
5. Keeping my home in shape
6. Creative little ideas... and guilt about not completing them
7. Gratitude, and reminders to be grateful.

Oh, oops. I did ten. And I think I am even more anxious and frenzied now than I was two years ago. That is SAD. I need to change something.

Six Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep:
1. Check my list of online haunts
2. Go to the bathroom
3. Crawl in bed under the comforter and adjust my top pillow
4. Check Twitter on my phone
5. Play solitaire on my phone (I now read novels, or play on the iTouch.)
6. Roll over a couple of times

Five People Who Mean a Lot:
1. Joe
2. Noah
3. Beckie
4. Mel & Stef
5. Gen
Yeah.. that's about right. Let me add:
Mom and Dad, Katie, Misty... Among others. Sisters, bro...

Four Things I'm Wearing Right Now:
1. black fleece lounge pants
2. brown ponytail holder
3. white undershirt
4. my "Onward" stamped typewriter key necklace.

Swap workout pants for fleece pants, take away the ponytail holder and necklace, and yeah... that's still the same. LAME!

Three Songs I Listen to a Lot: [at the moment]
1. Elizabeth Mitchell's "Little Bird"
2. Rachel Yamagata's "Elephant"
3. Wicked's "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

1. "Hallelujah" by Handel, cause Noah LOVES it.
2. Glee songs
3. Bluegrass mix-- soothes my soul

Two Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Go back to Italy
2. Own a farmhouse

This made me bowl over with natsukashii just now...

One Confession:
1. I ate mini candy bars, a cupcake, some caramels, and some chocolate cake today. Among other, non-dessert foods. Seriously-- I have a sugar addiction.

Ha! That's funny.. I am taking a week off of sugar this week. I'm on day three. it STINKS. I'd give anything for a big slab of cake with store-made frosting on it. And sugar sprinkles. With a tall glass of cold milk.

Okay.... that's all folks.... I should get back to the laundry/chores/mommy time/wife time...

Now it's your turn! I wanna read some of yours!


  1. Love this glimpse into you! I have to think about mine:)

  2. This was a fun little read! I sincerely enjoyed getting to know you a little better - maybe this should be an annual thing for you!

  3. Hi Emily!
    I did this survey on my blog!
    go check it out!

  4. great to get to know you better!

  5. I loved this! Thank you for sharing! I did the survey on my blog if you want to check it out!

  6. I love this! May have to do my own! And I love that pic of Noah....what a doll! Looking at your "things I want to say" list it looks like you are a lot happier now than you were in 2008. A lot more positive things to say, and even the negatives (like #3, which I understand) are phrased in a more accepting tone. Something else I understand? SUGAR ADDICTION!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!

  7. Emily, I love this post. Hey, do you remember "All doughnuts, all day"? You are truly inspiring. Maybe I'll have to do this on my non-blog. I'm not as passionate as you are about mine. ;)


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