Winner, Winner!! Wahoo!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is it awful to admit I kept putting this off because I felt sick about the fact that not all of you could win?? I REALLY did. So many neat gals, so much time and effort put into coming back and helping my week have some bright spots... And MY GOODNESS, so many participants!!

64 total, actually. I LOVE that.

But I also have an overactive Guilt Gland, and so the thought of having to disappoint so many cool ladies was giving me KNOTS in my tummy.

But I finally just made myself do it.

It was time.

Past time, actually.

So I got the names, put them on papers.... and had a good little pile:

Put the pile in a paper bag:

And....... took a deep breath and drew the first name:

Ya ready?

CHRISTINA! Congratulations!! You've been with us from the beginning of the week, and I am THRILLED you get to have the cute little mailbox kit I had so much fun creating.

And.... well.... I couldn't leave it there. I had to draw a second place...

ERIN! You can have three reusable snack backs as a second place prize! It's not a mailbox *sniff*, but they're pretty awesome.... :)

And..... third place? Okay!

Melanie(ellaniemae)! Yahoo for you! I have two fabric flowers for you, to "girly" up your holiday. :) :)

And the rest of you.... please know again that you have made the Moving Week From Hell so much more balanced--- lots of love, positive energy, creative inspiration, and GIRL POWER, all in one place. I love y'all for being here with me.

and if you are a new-ish blog reader, loving the tutorials, I have to confess I am not super consistent about posting those kinds of things. But your responses have been really incredible, and as winter comes in and the photography biz slows down, I will be making a LOT of random stuff. If there seems to be a desire for more of this nonsense, with or without a contest attached, I will try to remember to snap photos as I create, so I can share it here for you guys.

Coming up next, though--- a BOATLOAD of final sessions from 2009.... gotta catch up there and give all my incredible clients their day in the sun.

Off I go.... Christina, Erin and Melanie, will you email me your addresses so I can tuck your prizes in the mail?

southerlandgirl at yahoo dot com...

Have a wonderful week, the rest of you!!


  1. Congratulations to the three winners! I have to go cry in to my pillow now....sniff.sniff......did I say cry? I meant, SOB!!!!! It was so much fun though, I was scrolling down the page in super SLOW motion so that each new winner was out of sight, as if slow motion would magically make my name appear :)

  2. congrats to the winners :)

  3. I am bummed but happy for the winners!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! And {HUGS} to Emily for hosting such a super tutorial week!

  5. Congrats to the winners! But, Em, I am bummed :(

  6. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! I literally gaped at the photo of my name card and covered my mouth with my hand. I never win anything!! I'll admit that I'm sad not to win the mailbox set (cutest.thing.ever), but those snack packs will be put to veeeery good use. And you just put the hugest smile on my face. So thank you. THANK YOU.

  7. Darn! Now I have NO excuse not to go buy a sewing machine! Congratulations to the winners!

  8. hahaha. you're hilarious. you shouldn't feel a bit guilty. you gave us awesome projects to attempt, which honestly i love more than a prize cause then i don't have to search them out myself! I just bought the stuff for the celebrate sign today:) thanks!

  9. Okay Em, I guess that means that when you are moved and settled, I'm going to have to hire you to make me a mailbox set for Noah... or a flower headband... or both. :)

  10. So fun! What a great way to spread some joy in what was probably a pretty rough week for you.

    You are so thoughtful and so incredibly generous--definitely inspiring!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Wow Emily the hair flowers are awesome!! I am going to have to do that cause my hair is still so short!

  12. oh pooh!! not gonna lie, not happy for the winners!! not at all. ok, a little, but still more jealous!! hehehehe
    @Samantha-I scrolled slow too!! just in case!!

  13. Congrats winners! Actually, aren't we all winners? We all got the tutorials...we all got awesome interaction with Emily...ok, am I just in mom-mode still?

    big congrats to you Emily for being doing with Moving Hell Week. I hate Moving Hell. Being in a new place is heavenly space to explore, new sounds to adjust to...good luck!


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