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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bloggy Blog Check In:
* seven days til Christmas (eep!!)
* four more nights sleeping here at the Lodge
* one more night of editing sessions for 2009
* spirits: high, after a LOT of productivity this week, and some much needed girl time, first with my gorgeous sister in law Mary, then a dinner out with my dear friend Sarah, and most recently an hour or two at the cheery, holiday-bedecked mall with my sister Beckie.
* Noah: cute as ever and seems to be over his most recent cold... He has had a kick being driven around in "gramma's truck" today, since we are borrowing the pick-up for moving stuff.
* Joe: done with finals and papers, YAHOO!!! 99% done with grad school applications. Yahoo!!! And looking ridiculously attractive to me today in his soft, cozy hoodie sweatshirt and scruffy face.
*Crafties: On hold til my sessions are edited.
* Noah's presents: all bought, none wrapped.
*Joe's presents: Mostly bought, one left to make.
* My presents: not getting much this year, since I tend to treat myself all year 'round to cool treasures, PLUS I have an incredible group of friends treating me all year, too... Remind me to tell you about our Christmas swap this year. YA!!!!! So fun!!
* Christmas: making me get teary-eyed at all the right moments... Noah recognizing "baby Jesus" (as in, "sweet Christmas Baby Jesus", NOT "Talledega Nights Baby Jesus". *eye roll*), music moving my little tender heart, and people just being NICER right now...

I am GOOD. Can you tell? :)


And now, a session share.

Last session shared had two cute boys, so I needed to balance it out with two cute girls this time. These darling sisters were FULL of energy and personality, and made me LAUGH. The older one, 4 years old (maybe 3.75? I can't remember!), wanted me to CARRY her everywhere, in a really endearing way. And ya know what? She was SO cute and so sweet to me, I had to oblige. She and my million-pound camera (since the new lens!)... But it was totally cool. :)

So are they. Take a look!






She saw this weeping willow tree and literally SWOONED. A true "princess tree", her mom told me. She was SO excited to go play in it. Did you love willow trees for the same reason growing up? I did. They are PURE romance, to a little girl.


Thanks, L. girls... And mama Jessica. It was such a fun little afternoon we spent, back when trees were still green.

Not anymore, though. The weatherman is talking SNOW here soon. Maybe it'll stick. I LOVE the first snow. the last few snows, notsomuch.... But the first one is MAGIC. Can't wait!


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the touches that you give them.

    Sweet baby Jesus watching his baby Einsteins? Seriously, that didn't make you laugh out loud. I know it's irreverent, but I laughed so hard.

    Merry Christmas my sweet Emily. Love you.

  2. I LOVE that black and white head shot of the older girl with the closed mouth - absolutely beautiful. Enjoy these last few nights- you will create such new, wonderful memories and traditions in your new home. I just figure God wants more people to know how cool you are. How's Mary doing? I miss her!

  3. Growing up, my next door neighbor had a weeping willow. I loved that tree until it got HUGE worms in it that would fall on people as they walked under the tree. Now I am afraid of them... But your pictures are gorgeous!!!

  4. Those little girls are adorable and such beautiful eyes...they sparkle. I am so envious that you have such a cool job. :) And you're so darn good at it! lol.

  5. My grandparents had a weeping willow. Whenever we were home to visit, the cousins would play under it. I was so sad when they cut it down a few years back.


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