Thursday, December 3, 2009

All is well, just NONSTOP FRENZY. First, the holiday weekend, wherein Noah and I traveled by ourselves for the two-hour trip out, then had a long, good, busy, fun, crazy three-point-five days in Columbia. Joe joined us on Friday in time to pick out the family Christmas tree. Then, on Sunday, BACK to STL and into the madness of December. Ack!

I am surrounded by STUFF-- stuff waiting to be packed. Stuff not being cleaned up because it'll get packed eventually. Stuff we use every day, so we CAN'T pack it. Stuff we don't need but can't get rid of until we pack the other stuff. And just a whole lotta STUFF. My life is a pile of STUFF, threatening to drive me a bit mad if I don't GET OUT AND START FRESH SOON! Ack!!

I have a gagillion (got that number from Amelia. Thx, Amelia!) Christmas presents to make-- to start, to complete, to DO...

I have three-point-five sessions left to edit before I take my annual Christmas break (Dec. 15-Jan. 15. Love it! Need it!) And that doesn't take into account the as-of-yet-unspecified print orders/other requests I'll field and handle after the editing is done. It IS slowing down, finally, but I have doubts there will be a true BREAK, the whole time. Ack!

I have a sweet-but-precocious 2 year old who is commanding more of my time, energy and attention than ever before, if you can believe it. And he is so FUN right now that I don't want to miss a single moment of it... So I forgo some of my usual haunts (Facebook, blogging, message boards, etc.) to be PRESENT and with my baby. And I do not regret it ONE BIT.

And.... we have the move. The actual, stuff-in-a-truck move, coming Dec. 12. We'll clear out most of the place then, but continue to camp out here until we can move into the new place, Dec. 22. And even then, we'll continue to drift back here in the daytime to clean and finalize this ol' Mason attic so it is ready for our REAL departure on January 5. Ack!!


There it is. There I am. a hundred miles an hour, 47 hours a day.

Missin' the blog.

Missin' you all.

But.... gotta get back to it, for now.

(Next week, if I can get my crap together, I have something fun/inspiring/useful planned... I'll keep ya informed! It'll be cute!)

*P.S. Still no photos. Just..... No photos of my little life just now. I hate to put a wordy, blah blah post up without at least ONE image, but.... there it is. Gonna blog a session now, to make up for it.

*P.P.S. got your own list of "ACK"s? Stuff that makes you go, "Yikes!!!?!???!" Blog it. Comment it. Email it. Tell me.


  1. Want to know what makes me go "ACK"?! My jewelry sale. Only two more days and then it is OVER!!!!! Oh yeah, and Callum pulling one of my jewelry trays off of the kitchen table today. Beads. Everywhere. ACK!!!

  2. I have not *really* started my Christmas shopping... ACK!
    I have not ordered my cards yet... ACK!
    I have not finished the fall clean-up of my gardens... ACK!
    I gained 5 pounds... ACK!
    Taxes are due on December 24th... ACK!
    My breaks are squeeking... ACK!
    Laundry is piling up again... ACK!
    My child is teething and waking up in the middle of the night, ending up in bed with me... ACK!
    Which means I don't sleep well... ACK!
    And my kids are on a nap strike... ACK!
    Which means I don't get one either... ACK!


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