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Monday, April 6, 2009

Another incredible senior, another fun day! Have I said recently how much I love photographing these kids!? Such a fun time trying out new locations, getting them to open up and be themselves, finding the angles that make them look the best they've ever looked... Laughing. Joking around. Getting downright silly.


(C'mon, juniors--- time to email me and start asking about available spots this summer and fall!! I fill up QUICKLY!)

So Katy, THANK you for such a fun afternoon! I have some of my favorites of you and Amanda I'll post about tomorrow...

the rest of you don't wanna miss those. They are PRICELESS.

Happy Monday!


  1. super cute!! And I love the word sassy! When I coached A's volleyball team last spring they were Sassy Pink. :D

  2. You weren't kidding! You found some awesome locations! And Katy is gorgeous. You really are awesome with the seniors, Em.

  3. Thank you! I was so thankful to have such a wonderful photographer take my pictures. :)

  4. Anonymous6:48 AM

    What a special day....
    Thank you, Emily,

    Katy IS beautiful. Let me just say one thing...THEY GROW UP SOOOOOOOO FAST....Love em while you've got 'em. It seems like just yesterday I was a new mom at 20...HOLY COW !


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