Friday, April 24, 2009

1. I need to be going to bed, but I can't seem to stop clicking through my usual online spots-- email/Facebook/ELW/Twitter/Google Reader/2Peas, then back again.

2. I cut out sugar this week-- but not salt. So for late night snacking, I had a BIG bowl of Cheez-it Party Mix. Not-so-healthy.

3. I have to make a hat for a photo prop by tomorrow night. Worried it won't get done.

4. I am horrifyingly behind on reading blogs. Google Reader streamlined my life, but also made it WORSE in some ways. If I read, I try to comment... but knowing this, I avoid reading until I have TIME to comment, and then it becomes a vortex of GUILT and non-reading. So if I have EVER commented on your blog before, I'M SORRY!!! I STILL WANT TO! But I am so behind. And SO busy. I need to just give myself permission to read, comment-free, and get caught up. The start over and try to be better.

5. I get nervous before every single photo shoot.

6. I'm a closet introvert trapped in an extrovert's personality.

7. I think about sugar A LOT. Especially now that I'm not allowing any.

8. I get jealous of her. And her. And her. And her. And her. But for healthy reasons. And 3 out of five of them I consider friends (the other two I just admire from a distance). It's just the selfish, jealous artist in me. If you are an artist, I am likely jealous of you, too. But I am VERY good at keeping it tamed, and tucked away. And I let it fuel my passion and desire to grow.

9. I'm not as cute as I used to be.

10. I'm falling behind in my work. I have three keepsake albums to do, five sessions to edit (creating MORE keepsake album work!), posters/cards to make, a mock-up to create...A handful of emails.... I am getting a bit of a knot in my tummy with it all.

11. I almost didn't call my sister on time to wish her a Happy Birthday... But I made it!!! (sorry so late, sis!)

12. I want too many things sometimes...


Have confessions of your own? YOUR TURN. And tell me you blogged some in the comments, if you dare....

Ahhh. I feel better. Off to bed.


  1. Oh man I need to do this post asap! although i sort of feel like my whole blog is one giant confession sometimes! :) And PLEASE girl, you KNOW me and my life! And therefore you know exactly the reasons why you should NOT be jealous you crazy person! :) And TRUST me... if you don't think I'm jealous of you too you're crazy! One sweet kid, a husband that's home fairly often, MAD photog skillz and such STEADY work! :)


  2. Ooh, good idea. I love a good list!

    1. An EVIL cycle! I do it so often. At work, mostly, when I've promised myself I need to get back to whatever project I'm on. Do I really need to be checking facebook twice in FIVE minutes? Like something momentous is going to happen on my wall? The thing is, with FB, it TOTALLY COULD! You could get a friend request from an old, great friend ANY SECOND! It's so vicious.

    2. I didn't do sugar yesterday either. So I ate White Cheddar Artisan Wheat Thins right before bed. Defeating the point of being healthier too!

    4. Hm. You beat yourself up WAY too much over this. I think you should read a bunch of blog entries, then make a blog post about reading them, and mention those by name that you want to give love to...then they'll be famous! And you won't feel like you didn't do something to recognize them. :) But even if you just go through and skim over each one without commenting or's REALLY OKAY. Really. I think every one of us knows how your life is right now!

    6. I LOVE this! Sometimes I feel the opposite but I've never articulated it, even to myself. Love it.

    Confessions are forthcoming. And you don't have to comment unless you're inspired to. :)

  3. Confessions of an (almost) middle-aged Mom:
    1. I am eating the last half of a piece of cheesecake right now at 11pm while my husband is at the gym. Sure, I went to the gym today too, but no excuses on the cheesecake.
    2. I'm starting to see eye wrinkles and it freaks me out.
    3. I've been so busy lately with work that the guilt over my unkept house and unattended children is crippling me.
    4. I've pretty much abandoned the blogging world for the much-easier to-quickly-check Facebook world, but it makes me sad how many good pics and one-liners are being lost because of it.
    5. I still judge actor/singers harshly when I go to see I could do any better with years away from the stage and a majorly out of practice voice.
    6. I am insanely jealous of your ability to keep up your artistic side while juggling work and motherhood. Your pictures make me wild with envy and I wish I could document my family's life so beautifully.
    7. I've still got good hair and I'm proud of it :)
    That was fun, thanks for the laugh :)

  4. well, since I'm supposed to be focusing on preparing a Sunday School lesson, no major confessions in this comment (sorry) - unless you count that first statement... I just wanted you to know that you're okay- you don't need to stress over staying "caught up" on everyone's blogs. Sure, I love it when people actually comment on mine, especially since it often seems like few people ever do... but I don't want it to be a major stress in your life. If it makes you feel better, I haven't updated it for a couple of weeks anyway, so as far as I'm concerned, you're fine. I do like the idea of guilty confessions, though, so be ready- an update may be coming soon... ;)

  5. The truth? You will probably always feel overwhelmed. I do, still, and I have not little children at my ankles. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings......

    signed - Debbie Downer

  6. Wowsers, Mom is a Debbie Downer...

    And those confessions were fun. Maybe they weren't meant to be, but as I read them, I imagined you were on Conan, doing "Celebrity Secrets", which kills me.

    I vowed to eat healthy the other day, and then promptly had Flo get me some peanut M&M's from the PX. Will-power sucks.

  7. You summed up something I have been trying to put into word my entire life in #6

    And you having been my english teacher its funny for ME to say this BUT I don't think you are jealous. I think you are envious. I switched those two in my vocab a long time ago. Jealousy sounds so ugly, like you wish someone else didnt have it and you do. I like to think you envy as more of, you love their talents, and wish you shared them.

    You are still cute. You have a SON. So what if pink peek-a-boos and that nose piercing you want have been back burnered? You are a good mother, a creative mother, a loving mother, those things are far cuter then any clothes or papering can make you, duh! (and on that note can i have the invite to noahs blog please??)

    im a terrible commenter these days too, but hey, i got this one in, right??

    Take care!!


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