A Few More of Katy's Senior Session

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, a couple of posts down, I blogged some of my favorite photos from Katy R.'s senior session. But I didn't post my VERY favorite photos-- they deserved a post of their own. Katy's BFF (and my former student) Amanda came along for comic relief during Katy's session. She was incredibly effective in getting Katy to smile, laugh, goof off-- whatever I needed. In fact, she was so effective, sometimes I had to put the camera down because *I* was laughing so hard. Love that girl! Of course, with a friendship like this, it needs to be caught on film, so here, as promised,
the Katy n' Amanda Show:

My FAVORITE. LOVE that laugh, Amanda!!

And one more.... the soon-to-be-famous Eye Wall... And the girls who found it:

Oh man, LOVED these. Love the whole session. Thanks, girls!

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