Retro Post: Circa Early 1980's

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did you know I am one of seven kids? There are four sisters all in a row, then one lone brother, then two more cute sisters tacked on the end. I am the second oldest and I LOVE being a part of such a crazy bundle of siblings...

And since I am VERY busy this week (five sessions, no husband, and a big road trip starting on Friday), I thought I'd entertain you with some flashback photos... Easily accessible, entertaining (to me), and helps keep this blog afloat until I can get some new photos ready to post. So.... Here ya go--

Emily's Childhood: Retro Style{Beckie, me, Juli, Elise-- reading time}

{Super Steven-love the serious face here!}

{Beckie, with the two youngest sisters, Kirsti and Sarah. am not sure about the Native American headgear.}

{Easter 1981--Me, Elise, Julina, and newborn Beckie}

{Christmas in our matching bathrobes...clockwise from back left, me, Julina, Beckie, Elise }

I love that we are all so close in age, and close in friendship, but very very different from each other... We all bring a really cool piece of the puzzle to the group, and when you get the whole clan together, it is pretty crazy. As in fun, loud, obnoxious... much witty banter and inside jokes and nerdy fact exchanging and game playing...
In fact, I challenge anyone to a game of Cranium, our family vs. theirs. We'd SO win. We're just that in-tune and dang smart and creative. C'mon... anyone up to the challenge?? :)


  1. SO TRUE!!!! I still am an underdog when it comes to the smartness, whittiness, and skillfulness of your family! You all are definitely one of a kind! all would definitely win w/ Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, and what's that other game you all play...CELEBRITY!!! or any other game where it takes more than just a cute smile to win!! How about Dominos...I'm the QUEEN of those things. Any other game, you have me beat! ♥ ya!

  2. I see a LOT of Noah in you in that 4th pic. Funny.

  3. The first thing I thought looking at that first photo was "wow, I haven't even checked everyone else's age to determine who's who, but that girl in blue gingham LOOKS LIKE NOAH."

    I've always thought this, too, but how pretty does Elise look?!!

    I don't think our two families would ever be in the same place long enough to play, but I'll tell you right now, we'd be mean competitors...

  4. me and my 4 sisters would LOVE to take you guys on, but we're too ADD and cant seem to get through a whole game :)

  5. Judie4:28 PM

    Em, how fun! I loved the 70s. And yes, Noah does look just like you. Hands down!

  6. I love these!! so much fun. And I love the one of you guys on Grandma's couch - brings back memories. That couch is sitting in my storage unit - waiting to be reupholsterd (sp?!).

  7. Love those photos! What a fun way to reminisce. I also think Noah totally has your profile in that first picture...

  8. I'm SO in! Actually, I don't know how we'd do in Cranium. But my sister and I can not be beat in Catch Phrase. One time, all I had to say was 'at the...' and she got 'carwash'!

    Love those old pictures, what a heart melter you were!

  9. Ok, I wish I was the FIRST to post this comment, but seriously, could Noah look any more like you? The eyes, the nose, those gorgeous cheeks? Man -- the resemeblance is perfect!!! And, for the record, you are adorable! :)

  10. I'm definitely not up to the Cranium challenge, but I just had to say that we had the SAME matching robes when we were kids. Too funny! I have a picture of one of my sisters and I (there are only three of us total) in those robes.

  11. This made me smile! A great pick me up for the end of semester blues...

  12. Okay, so I'll confess that I'm at school and cannot therefore actually see the pictures (stupid IPS blocker...), but I am 95% sure I know exactly the photos you picked, Em. I can hardly wait to get home and see if I'm right (the only one I'm not sure about is the Native American one...)

    And Genny, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try to get all your crazy siblings together long enough for us to get together and play a Dawson v. Lambson edition of Cranium. (Or Celebrity would be pretty freakin' hilarious, too, since you are quite the talented acting bunch, too). That would be SO MUCH fun!!!

    (Yeah, I know, I'm probably dreamin' on that one, but still...)

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Em :)

  13. Joel told me last night that we wanted more kids, LOTS of kids - why? Because he just finished checking your blog and thought that you guys looked like you guys were close and having so much fun. Thanks....

    And I thought Noah had a little Joe in him, but lookin at these, no way, he looks just like you.


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