dear upcoming week:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

* what's on YOUR list?
* thanks to Michelle (was it you?) who tipped my off to the font site where I made a font out of my own handwriting. I am a little TOO excited about it! Hee!
* will post a more interesting post sometime tomorrow. I promise!


  1. Do ya want to add the City Museum to your list of to do's? That would help accomplish a few of your goals (wink)! We are available Wed or Fri...let us know!

  2. I'm going to have to steal that font thing, BTW!!!

  3. Love the font! Yours is way cooler than mine, and I was trying to figure out how you could use it on your blog, but it makes sense to make your note into a picture....have I told you lately how smart you are?


  4. Dawn otf12:03 PM

    My list has drink more water too. I made a big jar of water with fresh cucumber and lemons slices. So good and refreshing. You should try it!

  5. the font is great - how can I steal yours ;-)

    Good luck with your list - I hope your "upcoming week" works with you.

    Take care

  6. You're prescious!

  7. Em, in light of your list, I feel very grateful that you decided to use your waning minutes to give me a call yesterday. Thank you so much! It is always so nice to hear your voice. Good luck this week!


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