Autumn is Ending...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And winter is near.....

And this is one of the redeeming qualities of the colder weather.

I'll work on finding more than that to be grateful for when it is freeeeeezing and gloomy. For now, though, I'll just sip my chocolate and wistfully bid farewell to my favorite season.

Anyone want to share the winter delights they look forward to?


  1. Yay! I have just found your blog from Mary's... so fun! You are so wonderful at photography and the art of color. It is a treat just to look. As for winter joys... we adore the hot chocolate as well- even though it stays pretty perfect here year round, we do get a chill in the evenings which makes it...well, perfect! I'm not a big fan of shoveling the snow :). We hope you are so well and that Noah is such a keeper!

  2. There isn't much I love about winter. . . but here are a few things I like. . .

    a) cozy "foot duvets" from RH
    b) sweater weather
    c) the complete silence in the air when it snows (and I'm not driving). There's something about the insulation that snow provides against sound.
    d) the glow of the moon on the snow topped mountains.

  3. Oh yes...
    *being inside snuggled up by the fire watching it snow coin sized flakes while all is quiet.
    *Driving around looking at Christmas lights after it snows
    *Bundling up and going for a walk
    *My sweet babies face in his hat and jacket
    *lots of baking

    I can find a lot of things that I love about it... until about February and then I'm ready for the SUN again. ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, I love the winter! I love warm wintery clothes, and coming out to a car that is warmed up and nice and toasty inside. I love christmas lights and seeing your breath in the air. I love warm food like soups and casseroles! I love the winter!

  5. Are you kidding, a former teacher!!! You can never forget about SNOW DAYS!!! They are awesome. There is nothing like the anticipation of going to bed the night before with the hope. The joy of seeing your school on the TV is like nothing else.

  6. you should really try my hot chocolate recipe... I swear to you that you've never tasted anything like it!

    And is your twitter right? HOW SHORT is your hair? A PHOTO! I'm dying!

  7. I Saw the photos, well on Sunday but I forgot to write you about them, and I LOVE THEM and so does KEvin. You really are amazing!!!!! Thanks so much. Happy Thanksgiving! I assume you're going down to your fams?

  8. just sat down at my computer...with a cup of hot choco..layer in marshy, I'm lovin' your entry..was hoping to see a snap of a spunky new "do"....but the choc was pretty nice....

  9. I love how quiet it is when it snows, especially at night. It's a stillness rarely produced elsewhere in nature.

    And I love how vivid and clear the stars are on a cloudless winter night.

    But yeah, I'm gonna miss autumn as well.

  10. Your hair is reminds me of the mac grill days!

    My favorite things about winter are:
    *the stillness during a good snow (just like everyone else)
    *a good snowball fight with my hubby
    *how warm you get when shoveling the snow
    *when the air is so cold that the snow squeaks as you walk on it
    *the glittering diamonds on a blanket of freshly fallen snow under a bright sunny sky
    *pink cheeks and noses
    *sitting in front of a warm fire AFTER going out for a romp in the snow
    *and of course, Christmas!

  11. Would you like some cocoa to go with those marshmallows???

    Well, I don't know how wintery things will get in Iraq, so based on memory, I love:

    -Snow Days...even adults can have them, they just have to take initiative.
    -Layers...all those cute winter accessories, sweaters, coats, so cute.
    -Oscar movie season...such a wealth of treats. Pick one you really want to see and make it happen (I say Benjamin Button or Doubt).
    -The first snow.
    -The beauty of the bleak nature of winter. Not the slushy stuff, but the barren trees against a gray sky with snow on the ground. It's just preparing you for the joy of spring.
    -Soup. Lotsa soup.

  12. I'm so glad someone else feels this way!!!

    I just started reading your blog and LOVE it - it's great and I feel like I can totally relate!

  13. cocoa!

    Your pics of Noah and his birthday outfit made me smile!

    Warm wishes to you, Joe, and little Noah!

  14. --colorful scarves, fires in the fire place, leafless trees. . . I'm not a winter fan but "there is beauty all around". . .

    It's so darn cold right now!

  15. there is a sense on a cold winter day that the only place you're meant to be is home, with family and a warm bed... is there any other point to winter?

  16. Autumn still reigns as my favorite season, but here are some of my winter favorites:

    - the first *true* snowfall of the winter (somehow, it is always magical)
    - winter sweaters
    - the crystalline clarity of the stars on a cold winter's night
    - beautiful Christmas lights (none of those tacky, blinking/moving marquee-types)
    - Christmas goodies
    - Christmas music and movies (I can hardly wait for Scrooge!)
    - ice skating and snowmen
    - the way trees look after an ice storm--like they are encased in diamonds or crystal...
    - for that matter, as much as I love the green leaves in spring and summer and the glorious fiery leaves of autumn, I love the beautiful shapes of naked trees in winter.

    There are others, but those are some of the best...


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