Flashback Foto: 1990

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, yeah-- in the 1980 photo, I am the grumpy-face in the middle. What a little snot, right?? My sour, "You Can't Make Me Smile With Your Squeaky Toy, Mr. Photographer" face is what worries me about my future with Noah and other subsequent kids. If I was such a stubborn, difficult kiddo, doesn't it follow that I'll be "blessed" with more of the same? :)
Anyway, glad you all appreciated the humor! And yes, if I recall correctly, my mom did make all the pink dresses. She amazes me.

as for today, I wasn't planning on so many "flashbacks"... Ha! But thinking about my adventure tonight (to be explained in a moment), I realized I HAD to share some classics with you first:

{eight grade class photo}
Love the bangs? The Coca-Cola shirt? The gentle acne? The awkward teeth? Oh, and that silver on my shirt is a pin. Shaped like an "E". STYLISH. And those earrings? The smaller version of those famous "Jodi Watley Hoops"? Totally not pierced. I bought them at Claires, bent OUT the pierced part, and pinched them on my unpierced ears. I'm AWESOME.

And then this one:

{me in front of one of my bedroom walls, eighth grade}

Um. See my "wallpaper"?

Jordan Knight, all the way, baby!!!!

Yeah. I'm going to Kansas City tonight, to see the New Kids on the Block. With my two high school best friends. And I will try to connect with my jr. high best friend while there, the one who started me on my three or four year mad obsession with the NKOTB.

It's gonna be GREAT!

Ah, to be thirteen again, right??

Hope you enjoyed the flashback, and please feel free to click "play" on this video to get your NKOTB fix, since you're not going and I am. NYAH-NYAH!

{seriously. still cute. I still love him. *blush*}


  1. Emily - I LOVE the photos, and that Wall, I completely know that wall! You're bringing me back!

  2. I love all the flashbacks! And I love that you are doing a girls night out for NKOTB!!! Have a GREAT time, and remember that Noah is in great hands!
    I still can't believe how much Noah resembles you... I love it!

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  4. Hope you had a great time at the concert! How fun is that. I remember joining the NOKTB fan club over the phone and getting in big trouble because of a big phone bill :). I was thinking of you today because I have been craving cupcakes the last few days and by golly tonight I am going to make some.

  5. I hate to burst everyone's bubble but MY mother made the pink dresses - well, the two for Juli and Emily. The one Elise is wearing is store-bought. One of the few times I did not sew the dresses for my girls...I still have all three, by the way....

  6. i have to say that i would never want to be 13 again. it was not a pleasant time of my life. but you look like you had way more fun than i did!!

  7. ahhh, i was/am a jordan lover too! what a FU night! :)

    btw, love the flashback pics!

  8. Noah looks so much like you, especially in that second one!

  9. bwahahaha! Best post ever! Have a blast!

  10. I believe we might have been the same person in eighth grade

  11. Like, what are you wearing? Cause, I totally have a rad neon can so borrow it.

    Don't forget your L.A. Gears :)

    Ha! Have fun!

  12. I had very similar wallpaper in my room, although for some reason I was more into Joey. Have fun tonight, Hang Tough.

  13. Yeah, my walls looked so very much like that. . . I guess my obsessive personality started young. . .


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