Snow Day? Sure, I'll Take It.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And yes, this picture is from last year's snow day, but so what? Isn't the point of snow days to take it easy and not make too much work for yourself??
So, Noah had a bit of a rougher night last night, and I knew I'd be feeling it today at school. Knowing that the forecast called for snow, and lots of it, every time I'd go back to bed after a session with Noah, I'd invoke the gods and pray for a snow day. Lo, 'round 5:39a.m., the call, against all odds (remember when YOU'D pray for a snow day? Never happened when you tried to predict it.) came and filled my heart with the most profound relief and joy.
Now, after "sleeping in" 'til 7 and using a precious bottle of pumped milk to get a 2 hour nap in the later morning, I feel pretty nearly human, and the snow is still coming down heavily outside our windows.
I was supposed to give a test to my students today, so you KNOW they're enjoying their snow day, too.
In the long run, this lovely break in the week will make the school year just that much longer in June, but during this time of transition with going back to work, I'd rather my random days off happen now.
So... that's really all I have to say right now. Not too profound. Not too interesting. Just a content, happy girl in her Mason attic with her two boys, snowed in for the duration of the day.
Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. glad you had fun, and glad you're feeling more up to par...yes, it will make things rougher in june...but june is so far away...what's one lil day gonna do???

    ♥ ya

  2. YAY snow day! I'm so happy for you. Just being able to have one little break in the work week is such a blessing. . .

    Here's hoping Noah gives you a little bit of a sleep break tonight to make up for last night. . .

  3. hooray for that!! :) Are you coming to beading group thursday?

  4. Hurray for you and your family!


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