10 Things I Love About My Sister Beckie:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

{circa early 1980's}{circa early this month}

Yesterday was my sister Beckie's birthday, and a great deal of fun was had by all who attended, namely most of our family. It was Beckster's request that Mom make homemade BBQ chicken pizza and Dad make homemade chocolate chip cookies decorated with frosting, so had some good eats during the evening of fun. My baby sisters (well, not babies at ALL anymore, at ages 17 & 20 11/12ths) came too, as well as the lone brother, Steve. Missing from the festivities were Julina, Elise, Steve's wife Tamara ( livin' it up in sunny Mexico with a gaggle of middle-school students-- YIKES!), and my sweet hubby Joe, stuck at work.
Those of us who did make it enjoyed a night of games, stories, jokes, yummy food, and great company. I loved It, and I think Beckie should have birthdays more often. ...wait...hmm.

So, in honor of this great girl's big day, here are the
top ten things I love about Beezo
, my kid sis:

1. her finely-honed sense of humor... she makes me laugh like nobody's business!

2. her selflessness-- especially in watching our baby Noah twice a week for 2 hours each time, no payment accepted (though I try to buy her a cupcake or a cute pair of earrings and sneak payment that way as often as I can)

3. getting into psychoanalysis mode together-- analyzing everybody we've ever known and prescribing solutions (though we'd NEVER really offer them to the actual people!)

4. our mutual love of movies... Oscar season is especially invigorating when shared with Beezo

5. the feeling I get that every new cool thing I discover is something I want her to know about too... I love feeling that connection with her

6. her fabulous thick, shiny hair. I will never have hair like hers. *sigh*

7. Her need to make the world a better place somehow... She is considering the Peace Corps, but if not that, she'll be a social worker or some other really cool, life-changing, people-helping type of person. She really aims to make a difference somehow, somewhere. That impresses me.

8. Her music taste. I can always guarantee I'll find new music to love and classics to get nostalgic over when she gives me her latest mix CD.

9. Her devotion to our family... the great siblings we have, the remarkable parents we have.. her newer in-law types, and lately-- watching her fall in love with my Noah... She is so loyal and sweet and devoted.

10. The fact that she is one of the best friends I have ever had. Period. She is one of the first people I will call if I need to cry, and in my book, that's the top criteria for a best friend. She is the greatest.

So... Happy birthday, Beck... I love you. Thanks for being my cupcake eating/making, thrift store exploring partner in crime. Here's to a million more years of it!


  1. that was so sweet emily! and i love the photo of her in sesame street pants with the belly exposed! love that!

  2. I like #3. I think my sister and I could fix all our childhood acquaintances if we put our minds together.

  3. Do I get one on my birthday? Just kidding (sort of) - but I'm jealous that you get to have Beckie so close by - are you sure I can't convince her to move to IN?

    Love you both,


  4. There's nothing better than a great sister. And when you grow up to be best friends, that's even better.

  5. Thanks for giving voice to so many of the things we all love and admire and appreciate about Beckie-


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