Package Time!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There is always a huge giddy rush of joy when a fun package turns up on your doorstep... Especially in the midst of a lingering, gloomy winter.
This particular package came from one of my dearest friends, Sarah, and contained treats for my handsome son.
She is a fantastic card maker-- check out the cute card she included:

The package itself contained a perfect striped footie sleeper for when Noah is 6-12 months... (I LOVE the stripes. I'm pretty much a striped baby boy clothes junkie.) and some ridiculously cute flannel "pee-pee tee-pees"... Little handmade tents that are used for little boy diaper changes. SO handy!! And the fabrics are really fun, too!

...and just to give you a face for the sender, here is Sarah... With me... Oh, about SEVEN YEARS AGO.
(remember, Sarah, Katie? The lame Tiffany concert in the middle of the day in the middle of the BYU campus? We ate at the museum cafe afterwards?)

Aren't we CUTE?


...And let me go off on an unplanned tangent while I'm typing away here. Sarah, Katie, Rochelle, Melody, Alison, Kate: You all might just agree with me here... But does it REALLY feel like SEVEN years ago we all worked together at that Macaroni Grill?? Oh, I know so much has happened since then... marriages, kids, houses, moves, etc... But don't you FEEL like the same person? Maybe it's just me, but the girl who moved from Utah six years ago and left all her fantastic friends, well... that's still me. I'm still her. I have learned a lot since then, made new friends and found new interests... But the old friends and interests are still there. I don't FEEL any different.

Hmm... Then how is it possible to LOOK different? Why do we have to change so much on the outside? Can't I go back to fitting in those jeans again, please?

(and dear heaven, I SOUND old and fat just TYPING that. I've turned into that quintessential 48-year-old high school secretary with a wide butt and a jar of chocolates and pictures of my grandkids on my desk, with little magnets on my file cabinet that say,



...And it's not entirely about the growing wider... Just growing OLDER. I'm only 30. I'm still spunky and hot and fun. Right?
So why is it bittersweet to look at photos of my friends and I that FEEL recent, and see so much change?


...Okay. This tangent has no REAL point. So I'll conclude. I loved my package, Sarah, I love that we are still friends, after the distance and time that has transpired.

Katie, Kate, Rochelle, Melody, Alison, Stacy: Ditto. So cool that we are still friends after so much life has occurred between visits.

...And finding and scanning old pictures has been rather fun. So look out girls. You might be next. I have a zillion of EACH of you.


  1. you don't have any of me!!! well, not from that long ago. oh wait. joe does....
    i know how you feel. i feel the same inside, but i'm not the same on the outside. hard to reconcile those two things. and i'll be 30 this year too. i still feel like i'm 20. the two kids kind of jerks me back into reality though....:)

  2. terina, Genny, siblings, other pals... You are also part of my strange nostalgia... Sorry if the Utah Era tangent made u feel a bit neglected! (cammie-- forgot to mention you!)
    And watch out, Terina... do you really want Joe breaking out his pics? :)

    ...and 30 is the new 20.
    It's hot.

  3. funness! I love the pee pee teepees!

  4. Please post those ridiculous modeling pictures that you, Nicole and I did outside Nicole's condo in Provo. Remember after we painted our nails and toenails all those funky colors? I still have a profile shot of you making that crazy goat face you used to do when you would pull out your upper and lower lip...I am laughing just thinking about it.

  5. As you can imagine, I went thru an extreme bout of nostalgia making those DVDs for you...Aren't you dying to know where Nat is now? (I think I googled him once and saw he was a doctor...) Is Micky still disgustingly cute? Eeeee, Jeff Earley, eeeee!! etc, etc. (Juli, you can appreciate these too, I'm sure...) It is so easy to get all caught up and lose yourself in the past...super fun!! I look at Kirsten's blog from time to time and am so, so envious that this final-rehearsal-week-at-HHS is her life right now. What fantastic times.

  6. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! no one must ever again see those eyebrows!!!!

  7. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I've been feeling that way about my mission lately - can I really have been home that long? And can I really have been in Indiana nearly 5 years - that's half a decade!

    I can't wait to get home this weekend and re-connect (and be part of that HHS musical madness - if only from the other side... :-)

    Love you,


  8. K your video in the top corner ... SO CUTE! Kason watched it with me and was copying you. We do that tongue thing with him too and he thinks it's a pretty neat trick, especially since he learned to do it too!! Very cute!

  9. I love the tangent! I can't believe it has been that long. I love that you are still in touch with those girls so that I can see what they are up to from you. I totally hear ya on the fact that so much has changed but I still feel the exact same in a lot of ways. Thanks for being such a great friend and staying in touch!

  10. Oh, I just love nostalgia! My own, and apparently, other people's too. Well, at least yours anyway. :) I feel the same way...I can't believe so much time has gone by when those college days can seem like "yesterday." But, thankfully, a lot of good living has happened since then! :)

  11. Holy crap! Look at you two! Can't we just look great and thin forever? I loved this post.

  12. Anonymous1:31 PM

    You and Sarah both look FABULOUS...and still do! Seven years does seem a long time ago when you put it that way, but it really seems like yesterday to me!


  13. This was so fun. You brought tears to my eyes-again! I love nostalgia and that's another reason I think you and I get along so well. You are fabulous.
    Seriously, where does the time go? I am still a good-lookin', barely-out-of-my-teens, fancy-free chick. So why does my mirror tell me otherwise? I love you for always capturing with words exactly how I feel.
    Also, I miss every one of you girls.
    Thanks for this Emily.

  14. Yes you do have a zillion pictures of me and YES I am scared. Paul asked me today what I am going to do for my mid life crisis. I told him that I am in the middle of it right now and he really should worry because I don't even know what to expect. 30 does feel older. It's like we are finally settled into the life we have chosen and there is really no way out of it even if we wanted it. I have been flipping through old photos too. Those years in Provo are some of my FAVORITE memories. The shaklee house is such a magical mystical magnificent part of my life. I came alive there. So did you. I miss it, and I miss you. Maybe I'll do a nostalgia post about the Shacklee mansion.

    Nice to see pictures of Sarah too. Hi Sarah!


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