Why Does It Feel so Yucky?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I've been home all day... Slept in, which was yummy, got up and cleaned a bit, took a nice shower and got ready for the day... worked on my Blurb Book (half done!!)... enjoyed some downtime with no expectations.

It all felt really nice until the sun went down.

Now, joe is gone, i have no friends, no plans, and any comfort has totally disappeared.

What is UP with that?

Since I am feeling unsettled and lonely, I'll add to the uncomfortable-ness of this post by posting photos of all my current clutter/mess spots.

These are spots in my house i continue to procrastinate cleaning up, and i can't figure out why. None of them would take very long to do... None of them are too terrible... But every time i plan to do something about one of them, it's like an invisible force field pushes me as far away from them as possible... And instead i do something totally useless like read a book or play with photos online. I am in a weird weird place right now. Is it the season? Is it me? Is it something I need therapy for??

Here. Play "I Spy" with these horrible photos--

I Spy
tubes of paint
a guitar
a stack of books
foam stamps
a new old duaflex camera
a teddy bear
my plants
a pair of calf-high boots
a laundry basket full of papers to be filed
a goofy-faced mug
an old-fashioned ladies hat
unused fuzzy socks
Joe's backpack
laundry that needs folding
laundry that needs hanging up
Christmas gifts i still need to mail
a crossword puzzle
"Peeps" by Scott Westerfield.

(click on any photo to see it bigger)

This is so shameful. But kinda funny. And the whole thing has distracted me from my bummer mood-- going around taking pictures, editing them, posting them on here, listening to my iTunes...

So whatever.

I am going to put some real, non-pajama clothes on and go to the grocery store before Sunday hits, then come back and maybe tackle the clothes-folding. Or the paper-sorting. Or, based on past behavior, probably do nothing. *sigh*

I am a LOSER.


  1. You just made me feel a million times better for what my house looks like. Granted, I moved in almost a month ago, and i have a few more places in my house that have invisible force fields around them. But now that I know that you also have them, and you show pictures of them, just makes me feel a ton better. My best friend would rather die than have pictures like that up about what her house looks like. When I sent pictures of our new house and it showed the dining room table covered, and the counters in the kitchen a mess, she just laughed and said that she couldn't believe that I would email those pictures to people that I know. Anyway, you're normal, and if you lived closer I would say come over so that you don't have to look at those spots for a while. And I bet part of it is the weather....

  2. Okay, so this is where I excel and perhaps can offer some of my advice.
    First of all, being in a funk stinks! I was in one yesterday and just kept looking at all the dishes I was piling up, all the clothes everywhere and just walked on by. Sometimes you just can't bring yourself to do it.
    Here are some tips that help me do the things I don't want to do.
    -Make a list. I don't care how menial it is. For example: 1. get off couch. 2. turn on good movie. 3. start folding laundry. 4. finish folding laundry. 5. put laundry in drawers. 6. hang up clean clothes.
    Do you catch my drift? You can either cross off items as they are done or wait 'til the very end and cross off SIX items. Very fulfilling.
    Another suggestion is turning up a good rockin' CD (I usually prefer Counting Crows or Imogen Heap) Blast the music and set the timer for 15 mins. You'll be surprised how much you get done. After the timer goes off, give yourself a treat. Sorry to ramble, but you helped me, so I thought I'd return the favor.
    By the way, our homes have ALL been there. Don't get down on yourself. I'd take pictures of mine, but I'm afraid I'd get turned in to DCFS. Love you!

  3. Ooh...making a list is often what gets me through the day!! Since my weekends are now the highlight of my week (and the only thing I have to look forward to, sometimes), I'm forever making lists of "what needs to get done before Neil comes" or whetever. Love it!! Anyway, emz, I'm sorry you were in a funk Saturday. :( I was playing a spirited game of "Apples" with the fam (Lily was in town)--Helen Keller never wins, with us. Our trump card is creamed corn. I wish it weren't.


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