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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ugh- my new computer monitor seems to be "off", if ya know what I mean.
Will you tell me: Is the above photo really dark, or does it seem pretty normal? How does the color look?
It seems like my monitor is over-saturating some things, and seems a bit bright. But I don't know how to tell what is "correct" and what is not. Blah.

Now look at this second one.... It is TOO washed out? Or is it more accurate than the first one? Color?

Any comments/advice would be appreciated.

Love y'all!


  1. First photo is dark, not a ton, but a little too dark. Second one is just about right.

  2. First one is waaaayyyy too dark for my personal pref. The second is much much better, but the cold color doesn't help, it makes it look washed out. Try warming it up a bit and playing with curves. Call me.

  3. 1st photo: Dark! Everyone looks a tad bit on the evil side.
    2nd photo: Brighter, but it looks just a bit washed out.

  4. ditto to all. Some of the great photos you made of Eirik turned out super saturated at Walgreens when we had them printed. I love them still of course, but I wonder if that helps with your screen at all...
    You're a gem..


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