Ten Things I Love About Joe.

Monday, January 22, 2007

1. He is... well... WACKY. And willing to show it in front of my camera.

2. He is a big kid-- cartoons, toys, games, snow, pancakes... anything that you loved as a kid, he still completely and totally delights in. keeps me young, too.

3. He is so so supportive of all my crafty, creative crap. he looks the other way at my art mess that is out right now... he blithely dines at the table next to my sewing machine, he smiles benevolently when i skulk home with $30 more dollars in art supplies and fun paper...And he has learned how to respond to my finished products: excited, complimentary, and able to point out specific things he likes about them. So nice!

4. His curly hair. short or long, I love it. I love it's personality, even when it is SCARY SCARY morning hair.

5. His hugs. MAN, he is a class-A hugger. Lingering, full-body, involved, extra-bonus kiss at the beginning and end.

6. His work ethic when he is at his job. He is a HARD worker, motivated, and isn't the one everybody complains about. I am proud of how he represents us at his job.

7. His easy-going willingness to help, to pitch in, and to make up for things he might not have noticed in the first place. He is SO good-natured.

8. His compliments. With joe, I feel--
~good at making our house feel like home
~like a good cook
~like a good baker
~etc. All his compliments make me feel like I am an okay lady.

9. His love of movies and books. Almost equal to mine, so we share them, devour them, and talk about them. I love it.

10. His sense of family, his desire to be a daddy someday, and his priorities when it comes to these things. He will be an incredible head of the family.

So..... There is my tribute to JOE. In a couple of weeks, we will have been together for THREE YEARS. The anniversary of our first date is Feb. 4ish, and I can still remember that entire thing. Crazy that it led to this marriage thing.

Lucky me!

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