Reminder: Sometimes it IS clean and pretty--

Monday, January 29, 2007

Lest you are all so horrified at that last post that you NEVER want to come over again, here is some reassurance. It looks more like this, more of the time.
The living room.... Nice and tidy.

The dining room corner...

The dining room, other side.... (I love the red wall. The color is called Cranberry Zing)

(the living room... see Max?)

The kitchen table.... (taken EONS ago. It has never looked this good since, 85% thanks to Joe. 15% of the current stuff is mine... but it is mostly Joe Joe Joe.) (love you, Joe.)

okay. Now I feel better.

P.S. Laundry got folded. Still needs to be put away.


  1. I love you, Em. And I love that you, at times, have clutter in your apartment because it makes me feel like I don't have to clean my room because my older, married sister doesn't.

  2. yikes! Don't let mom hear that. and DON'T get into that cycle. i still hate me for my messes.

  3. i love how cute you are...... it was great to hear your voice last night. you are so talented. i love the pictures you take. you are amazing..


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