My First DAy Back

Monday, January 8, 2007

I was anxious all weekend, accidentally. I had bad teacher dreams, where the kids would be disobedient and chaos would ensue.... I HATE those dreams, and they are totally unpreventable.

Part of that anxiety comes from the fact that in our school district, we get five BRAND NEW classes at the beginning of January. New semester, new kids. It's good, in some ways, but is VERY VERY stressful, in that it is almost like an entirely new school year.

Today went well, in spite of all that. I am really glad to have it over with. It's usually the anticipation that is the worst, so having that first day under my belt prepares me to get back into the routine and begin the whole process all over again.

The classes seem okay-- a good blend of personalities and abilities. Most of my classes are pretty small, too. The biggest one is 24 kids, and most of the others are only 19-21. That's WONDERFUL.

Anyway.... I guess the vacation is really over. Anyone else find that they have a lifelong aversion to work? I keep thinking it'll go away, but so far it hasn't.

How has your monday been?

Do you have work dreams?

How do you deal with anxiety?

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  1. You know I have an aversion to work. I'm glad your classes are small, and hopefully there will be no more weird work dreams. Love you.


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