*drumroll* Here is Kirsti's Altered Book I Made For Her Birthday:

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

(if any of the pages look interesting to you, click on the slide show to get a closer look. The images will appear sharper, too.
Once you are in the site, you can click under the show to "view full-size image". YOu can also click through each set of pages individually.)

I am so excited about the book.
It is a family tribute, made for Kirsti's 16th birthday.
It is chock full of photos of all the sisters, some of the brothers, and a great photo of our cute parents.
I worked on it all last weekend, and I am so pleased with the results!
Lots of glue, lots of paint, and a lot of just random stuff added on.
If I can find the time and drive,
I'd like to make many more of them in my artistic life.

In Other News:
Oscar Nom's came out! Click on the red OSCAR word for the list:

Which movies are you rooting for?

I love this time of year because of the Academy Awards...

So... This afternoon, I zipped home after school, (no grading!) and Joe and I went for a walk/jog in Forest Park, along the nature trails there. We then totally negated the burnde calories by going to Applebees for dinner. *sigh* Well, at least it's a start.

We got home and have been chillin' all evening. I have been feeling so FREE since we finally got some cleaning done yesterday (Christmas tree has been shoved out the third-story window... like we do every year... and the rest of Christmas is tucked neatly away in storage tubs, ready for next year). I feel like I have some of my LIFE back, and can breathe.

The rest of this week is full, but not too bad: Creative Minds Club on Wednesday afternoon, Parent Open house Thursday evening... dinner and games on Sunday evening. Firday and Saturday are blissfully clear, so I might practice photography or work on altered book #2. All in all, I am feeling happy and content tonight.

How are you dear readers feeling this week?


  1. Your book is freaking awesome. I can't believe you finished it in one weekend. Do these things grow in your mind for a while and then you can deliver them quickly? I'm always amazed at your creativity. I'm feeling quite well. I'm playing with friends, enjoying my children and keeping caught up with work and housework. Now if I could only implement one of your suggestions for ME time. Love you!

  2. Ok, emily,
    you never cease to amaze me. I am astonished at how cool this book is. One weekend!!! I have been working on Eiriks altered book for weeks and well, let's just say , we have a way to go. I love the slide show format. What a great way to show it off! You're awesome!
    such great stories on each page.


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