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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Package came in the mail...
I was headed out for a walk to get groceries, so I tucked it just inside the front door to await my return.

I got home, excitedly took it upstairs, made myself put away the groceries, then dug into the task of opening my lovely package.

Inside, amongst pink popcorn, was a beautifully wrapped present... two, actually, in purple paper with a fuscia satin ribbon. It's funny, but there was something about that wrap job-- tugging gently on the ribbon to loosen it felt so RICH-- it silkily slid out of it's knot and beckoned me to keep going. It felt satisfying. Actually, it made me want to wrap all my future presents with satin, that's what it did. I've always tended towards the grosgrain variety, for the charming ribbed texture... but this satin experience.... well, it was like the movies.

After tearing the stylish purple paper on gift one, I found a delightful tin of vintage travel labels, self-adhesive and perfectly charming. I took my time sifting though them, and couldn't choose a favorite, so here are juts a few of the many great ones:

The second gift was wrapped very luxuriously in a formal box with tissue paper, and held a stick of sealing wax, (red, of course) and a brass "S" stamp. I've wanted one of those forEVER! Now I can be like the Scarlet Pimpernel and finish off my mail properly!

The box also held this long, narrow turquoise book, the size of a legal -envelope:

Inside, it simply, cleanly presents a series of deeper questions to ask about yourself. Each two-page spread has one strong color and one basic question spread across it. That's it. But the format serves to really make you focus on the basic idea and not get distracted by frou-frou and other people's ideas.
When in the right frame of mind, this book can be a POWERFUL little experience.

My experience occurred last night. I was sitting down to eat some leftovers for dinner. Joe was at work, so it was just me, and it was dark outside. I brought this little book to the table to browse while I ate, and immediately got absorbed by the first question: "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" It took me a minute to really think it through...
I could have given easy answers, but the point was the idea behind the question. We need to always be seeking new experiences...
things to stretch us, make us uncomfortable, help us see new perspectives.

So I went along, carefully considering each question. Some, I was feeling good about. Others, well, they really made me stop and consider how well I was doing.

Two of the questions took my breath away.

I won't share them here, since I think the combined experience of reading them all at once helped the moment, and because I think it would be different for each individual...
But suffice it to say, at one point in this small experience, I was totally choked up, moved and
stunned by the questions and the thoughts they brought forward.

Anyway. This was a wonderful gift, Katie. Thank you.

And to anyone who reads this that knows me-- I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love who I am as a result of having known you.

Y'all know who you are.
Signing off--

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