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Friday, April 20

Flashback Friday...

{Joe, casual in his scrub bottoms and scruffy [hot] face, sends me off to prom.}


{Noah, 5 months old, ready for an outing with mama and Aunt Beckie}

 Photobucket Photobucket

{Mama got a new newborn hat photo prop in the mail and promptly tried it on 1.5 year old Noah. He was not a fan.}


{Joe was in the middle of his scary Bell's Palsy but was a trooper as I tested out my new Lensbaby lens on my boys.}


{Sweet newborn Lucy, Day 9. One of my favorite days of the 30 Days of Lucy}

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
Today, 2012: 
{Lucy got to play at a babysitter's house so I could have a "mama's day out" and then a date with just Noah after his preschool. Our original plans were thwarted by scheduling and weather, so we instead went on a Metrolink Adventure and explored the Blue Line series of stations for the first time. We had lunch at a Subway and hiked .6 miles back to our car to save time and make sure we got back to Lucy less than a hour late. Fun... but glad I'm home and kids are tucked away for naptime.  It's chilly today! That caught me off guard. I want to hit up the Thurtene Carnival at Wash U. when Joe gets home, a crazy idea since we're driving to Columbia tonight and should just get going... But who knows? I'm always up for a carnival.}

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  1. Look at your with your seriously sexy 2007 picture! Wowzer! :)