Remember Prom??

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well... Liesl MacScience teacher "asked" me to prom, and I said yes. So she came over last night and we primped together and looked lovely together and she and I headed over to the prom. It was really fun to see all our students looking gussied up and sparkly shiny pretty, and oddly enough, the kids loved seeing us there, too! You'd think they'd roll their eyes and avoid us boring ADULTS... *smile*
Liesl is 7 months preggo, as you might see in the photo, but if possible, she had more energy than ME, and made it onto the dance floor to shimmy while I sipped a diet coke and bemusedly watched.
All in all, it was a really fun way to spend a Friday night!

The only downside was ditching my older sister Juli, who is in town from Indiana, my parents, who had come into town to visit with Juli, and my dear hubby Joe, who actually happened to have the night off. (*grr* for his never-predictable schedule...) Below, Joe, looking scruffy and casual (and really CUTE) last night as he watched us drive off into the prom-filled night.

The rest of the weekend has been marvelous-- breakfast a Denny's today with Juli and Joe... Shopping and errands with Joe in the sunny, lovely midday...(We got a new home theater system... cool surround speakers!! -perfect for us movie nerds-) Then a really luxurious nap in the afternoon and a yummy sushi dinner with Juli. My sis and I also stopped at the gelateria in downtown St. Louis and had real Italian gelato, which is ALWAYS a happy treat.
Now, as the night gets late, we are enjoying Disney's "Cars" at home, enjoying the new sound system.
I love weekends. Why must they ever end?


  1. I really wished I could have been there this weekend. Boo to work and One Voice. Thanks for commeting on my blog. I heart comments and no one else makes them. Of course, I'm not the comment guru either.

  2. how fun! you look great.

  3. You seriously look so gorgeous! I love the flower in your hair. Sound like you had a fun week. Can't wait to get together and hang!

  4. How fun to get to go back to Prom. You look so pretty! I totally agree, weekends should never end. But then I guess I wouldn't appreciate them as much.

  5. Wow! You look amazing in that first shot... the hair, the flower, the color of your creamy skin. I love that photograph!


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