Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Yeah, my baby in overalls is pretty irresistible.


New week starts tomorrow. What are YOU working on? Goals? Projects? Attitude adjustments? Work stuff? Health stuff? 

Here's to some measure of success for each and every one of us in this new week. I'm ready. You?


  1. Hmmm... All of the above?
    I want to try to get ALL my taxes done (which is daunting, because I not only have federal taxes to file, but THREE different state taxes to file... blech!).

    I want to call the county health dept. to see what my options are for "poor man's" health insurance.

    I want to finally get Kirsti's VERY LATE birthday present finalized and mailed to her.

    I want to get Beckie's not-so-late present put together and mailed to her.

    I need to get some cleaning done.

    I need to balance my checkbook and pay some late bills :(

    Yeah. Lots of stuff to do. But some of these are LONG overdue, so they need to just get DONE.

    Here's to a hopefully productive week!

  2. Love the overalls! I had a pair for Owen that were good ol' Osh Kosh. Now they are too small. (sniff sniff) Just had his year photos done in a cute little shirt and tie!(I put em on the blog) I love dressing the babe! Lucy is too cute!

  3. I love her. That is all. :)


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