Wordless Week #3:

Friday, February 19, 2010


  1. Must let you know that you inspired me to make two, count 'em, TWO Valentine's wreaths for our front doors. Pink and white felt, as we have red doors...but I love the idea. Thanks again for sharing!

    And I am digging your wordless week, although I love your posts with narration even more!

  2. First of all, when did you guys get Noah a tricycle? Was that a Christmas present? I just don't remember knowing anything about it- I hope he is lovin' it as much as he seems to be!

    Second of all, did you realize that your son is apparently a vampire? (Seriously, in one of the pictures near the end where he is laughing, his incisors are *really* sharp both on the top and the bottom... so what aren't you and Joe telling us?! :)


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