My Dad. My Joe. Papa Joe. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

1979.Washington DC. Dad is on "daddy duty" with Julina and I (ages 3 and 2), watching pigeons flap and fly.



He has ALWAYS been there for us. Always. I love you, Dad. Thank you!


2011. MoBap Hospital L&D Room. Joe's first photo as a dad to two. (FreshArt Photography)

He continues to boggle my mind as to his ability to be such a good daddy and husband. Joe, you are my HERO. I love you!


1973ish. He is in high school, preparing for a role in Oliver!. He has a future as a daddy to four kiddos.

Papa Joe, you have raised an amazing son that I now get to share my life with. You are the best kind of grandpa to my babies. Thank you for your devotion.


It's been the best kind of Father's Day. I got to see my dad yesterday, and Joe's dad is in town all weekend. I gave a talk in church and the men got brownies from the ward. Noah helped draw a completely charming family photo of his family. Everyone in the house got naps. And Joe prepared an AMAZING North Carolina barbecue dinner (corn fritters, cole slaw, root beer, banana pudding with 'nilla wafers) for us--- an homage to his dad and his grandpa. 

And I slathered green paint onto both my kiddos' hands to make a Father's Day giftie for the grandpas. Messy. Funny. Awkward. 

Perfect. All of it!


{Thank you, sweet friends and blog reader folks, for the incredible show of love and support and empathy for my last blog post. It is amazing to me that when we tell the truth, and when we show the good AND the bad in our lives, we ALL grow from it. I am so grateful for the many many many comments I've gotten-- they have lifted me up more than you can ever know. 

Lucy is doing better. I dare not say  it too loudly. Might it be just a "good few days?" Might it be that Zantac?? Or might she have already been on track to turn the corner? Will we ever know? Will she get "bad" again? I don't know. Who knows?? But for now, I whisper, "thank you. Thank you, Lucy, for more smiles and less crying. Thank you for a bit of a break."

And we'll keep waiting and watching and loving the good, the bad AND the ugly.

Thank you again, all of you.}

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