Lucy's Day 24

Monday, June 27, 2011


And Notes From This Morning:

* My fingers smell like strawberries from cutting some up for Noah's breakfast
* Lucy is snuggled into her carseat with a binkie held in place by a blanket... Giving me two hands and a moment to myself
* I am reading Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah on my friend Amelia's recommendation. I'm reading on my iTouch Kindle app, which still feels like cheating on "real" books, but is awfully handy.
* The headband Lucy is wearing in her photo above is from Pooks and Lulu, on Etsy, and it was a total splurge purchase because I love it so so much.
* She was a good girl in her third week and slept/posed for me in that shot, but she wouldn't close her little mouth, and I only got about 4 shots before she woke and was done. I love that I even managed the one above, "perfect" or not.
* I feel melancholy this rainy Monday morning.... I don't feel like I have it in me to get out of the house or unpack from our weekend trip to Columbia, or get work done, or do something clever with Noah. I hate this feeling... Mostly, its not fair to Noah...
* I felt empowered to make some new goals yesterday-- was feeling charged up about them...But clearly this morning's "fresh start" isn't really looking too impressive. Maybe tomorrow?
* I've been typing one-handed while I rock the Lucy carseat (oy, you should see these typos!!) and lo and behold, she zonked out. Cute!
* Except Noah is now poopy (how awesome that my 3.5 yr old is not at ALL potty-trained?) and that cancels out the sleeping baby victory.
* New Elizabeth Mitchell CD is providing the soundtrack to my morning. 
* Off to rescue the day since its only 8:40 and its not a bust yet.


  1. Your morning sounds perfect! Such a beautiful picture of are blessed!

  2. My 3 1/2 year old isn't either AND I have a 2 wk old baby!

  3. Thursday or Friday. Pick one and let me know :)

    And Lucy is darling, open mouth and all!

  4. peter isn't close to being trained either. i'm jealous of the parents whose kids are trained:) gorgeous hair diddly.

  5. Sorry you had such a crummy birthday! :( Love you! And I LOOOOVE the open baby mouth, by the way. It's so SWEET! :)

  6. NOTHING cancels out the sleeping baby. Dont be so hard on urself about the potty training. It will happen....dont stress it.

    My 4 year old still sleeps with us, so does the baby (18 months). I know they need to be in their own beds, but jeez, just thinking about that battle wears me out. And makes me sad....

  7. love elizabeth mitchell. we got one of her cds as a gift a couple years ago, it was really the first thing maddy liked.


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