We Love Gittin' Our Picture Took:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have been SO excited to share these photos here on me bloggie. This summer when we went out to Utah, I begged my bessie Kate to let me hire her for a little family session. I asked her to break out my favorite backdrop/couch from her stash, set up her lights, the whole deal-- and make us look like stars. She was so sweet to fit us in, and even managed to make us look GREAT!

I ADORE these images. LOVE the interactions, love that we look so polished (It's all a ruse-- we are slobby, chubby, overly casual schmucks in real life. Seriously! ha!) I love the highly stylized set. And mostly-- I love that we have KATE BENSON images to put on our walls. She is so fabulous. I aspire to be as good as her one day. (kiss kiss, Kate)...

I love them so much that I am threatening Joe with the possibility of printing these images into WALLPAPER and plastering our living room with them. Good idea? No? Okay, maybe just a BIG PRINT or two. (Or six.)

Okay, enough raving-- come see how hot we are:{isn't my child perhaps the most handsome boy you've ever seen? EVER?}

{and isn't my hubster HOT?}

{and aren't I the luckiest girl in the world??}

Seriously. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


And.... LOVING the response to my contest! You guys still have two or three days if you think you might wanna play... Even if the prize is kinda lame, the game itself is fun! And if you get bored and have a minute, go check out the comments and the folks who have already played along. I am loving everyone's replies!! So cool to "get to know" many of you! Keep 'em coming...


  1. Those are GORGEOUS! Who could blame you for wanting to make wallpaper from them?!


  3. Swoon....seriously! I absolutely adore the ones of just you and Joe, and the series of you and Noah. And how wonderful are the shots of all three of you - makes me remember a time when my oldest was an only and had our absolute undivided attention. Such a special time in your lives. Great subjects, great photographer.

  4. Sorry--you can't be the luckiest girl in the world--I am. no, seriously, wouldn't it be great if every woman everywhere felt that way. I think all of the world's problems would be solved.
    That's my wish...
    Have a great day!

  5. Those are fabulous! You guys look amazing. That black and white one of you and Joe is HOT HOT HOT!!! And, man, you can tell that Noah is used to working it for the camera!!! Cutest!

  6. OK, I think if I actually said "yes your hubster is hot", it might be kinda creepy, since he *is* my brother in law. But you are an awesome, good looking family and I love the pictures :-)

    I can't take pics for the contest, but I might (finally) have a digital camera in the next month or so, so maybe next time...

  7. Those Southerlands, they're so hot right now.

  8. Oh Em....just beautiful beautiful. Exactly what a family should look like. YAY to you/joe/noah and YAY to Katie!

  9. My name is Chelsea and I grew up with Joe's fam. I am Phil's younger sister. Stumbled across your blog and I must say," WHat a GOOD Lookin' Family" You are too cute! Love the pics and hope you don't mind if I pop in from time to time!

  10. Emily you are awesome and your family is so beautiful! LOVE the background you chose! I didnt know you knew someone here to take photos! :) Next time... ;) Also, my email is and I am finally on facebook. I'll search for you too. :)

  11. Soo wonderful. wallpaper would be cool. ok, maybe a bit much, but I love the shots. You're beautiful.

  12. I love those photos. It really brings out the love in all 3 of you. And yes, Noah is pretty darn cute....but I'd have to say it's a tie with lil Max (I have to say that, you know??)



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