Little Blessings: A Care Package

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Genny, I love it all. Noah loves it all, too. He keeps bringing me the various "treats" and looks at me with those big brown eyes, chirping, "teet? teet? teet?" Or, in the case of the milk-carton cookies (oops! Didn't label those. Just noticed!) , he chants, "coooo-kee? coooo-kee? coooo-kee?"

And I keep resisting. I mean, I want them myself, ya know? :)

This was a perfect little blessing in the midst of some CRAZY, and I am delighting in it.

Thank you.

(Thank you, too, everyone, for the amazing comments. Jodie, you especially--for being so willing to add a kiddo to your brood for an entire day. I am so bummed today wasn't good for taking you up on it, but I won't say no a second time!!
And Genny and Juli, I would TOTALLY "co-walk" long distance with you both. Let's work it out.)

I'm off... gonna find the good stuff in the day and revel in it.



  1. You have some great friends! What a fun, happy basket.

  2. That is from someone who knows how to make a care package! How amazing and well timed. You deserve the treat in the midst of all this. The Lord's tender mercies... How does that quote go? The Lord does notice us and cares about our needs, but it is usually through another that he sends those blessings (?)

  3. I can just see and hear Noah chirping away absolutely clearly...makes me miss that little voice SO MUCH!! Seriously, are all babies this cute when they're begging for things???

    Thank you for being such a wonderful person and friend. I can't say it enough; I love you always!


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