Briefly: On Chewing Gum in Bed

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog reader Office-To-Aprons, this is for you
(And may I know your first name, if you get feelin' crazy?):

So, yes. I chew gum in bed. It started when I was pregnant and would get SO thirsty at night. I'd wake with the WORST cotton mouth, and lumber out of bed to get a drink of water. But, and maybe this is just me, having that drink of water then would only make my mouth DRIER later in the night. So, inevitably, I'd wake AGAIN and need ANOTHER drink, and so on and so forth. It was a terrible catch 22. It's like when you lick your lips because they're dry. Wetting them feels good momentarily, but then the saliva dries them out further, so you lick them again. Which dries them out so you lick them again. Ya know?


I finally got so tired of lumbering out of bed to drink water (and then, inevitably, to pee), that I popped a piece of Trident one night... And ya know what? That little piece of gum kept my mouth all saliva-y all night.

So to answer your questions, all:
1. No it doesn't ever get in my hair. I must just have more control now as an adult than we did as kids.
2. I never choke on it. Some nights, I even totally swallow it without knowing and in the morning, NO GUM. But never a choking spell.
3. Yep, I wake up in the morning, chew it a couple more times, then throw it in the bathroom trash when I get up.
4. Yes, I know it is weird, and maybe even a little crazy. But I love it. It was a perfect solution to my weird little problem.

The end.


  1. And who knows, this little blog entry just might solve someone else's cotton-mouth problem :-)

    I remember you commenting once that you didn't feel hungry in the morning, you felt thirsty, so this makes sense to me. And it also makes me think of that old "Freedent" jingle with the line about "moistens your mouth..."

  2. No way. I just referenced this very same subject for your photo contest on my blog.

    I am so glad you posted this because I have not stopped thinking about it since you wrote it, and now it gives me peace of mind.


    Jennifer :)
    (Just one of millions)

  3. why didn't I think of that! I had the same problem when I was preggers. Next time I will know.

    Found your blog through Office to Apron's post!

  4. I knew about gum creating saliva (no, not because of the Freedent commercial, which I had totally forgotten about)- that is one of the many reasons I chew it when I'm driving, especially if I have to drive for long periods of time. It helps keep me from getting thirsty, and if I don't have to guzzle as much water as a result, I also do not have to pee as much!
    I hadn't thought about it for night-chewing, though... I don't always have that morning cotton mouth, but I have it enough that I wouldn't mind getting rid of it...
    thanks for the explanation and the suggestion! :)

  5. And do you have fresh breath in the morning? THAT would be MY motivation. ?:)

  6. I just know that I'd be the one who ends up with it in my hair in the morning.... :)


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