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Friday, September 25, 2009

Who else ADORES autumn? Can I get an AMEN??? Oh I am SO in love with this time of year... Love the colors, the smells, the energy, the activities, the colors... all of it. ALL of it!

Makes me wanna, oh, I dunno, spread the joy. Share the love. Wanna see what I'm giving away?

Wanna see the fun little pieces of autumn I want to share because I love them so much? Okay... Okay.... Here is what I'm offering ya:

Okay, minus the actual pumpkin... Just sayin'.
Pumpkin Butter? Carmel apple pancake mix? Pumpkin spice kisses? Oh YUM... Yum!!!

Oh, and I forgot to tuck in the $10 Starbucks gift card. Ooooops!!!! That is included too. I promise.

But there's a little game involved. I wanna do a photo scavenger hunt. Not a tricky one. I am going to give you a list of 10 photos to take. Choose 8 of the 10 photos and go find something to photograph that fits the bill. When you have them, I want you to blog them. Then leave a comment here with a link so I can go peek. And if you don't have a blog, you can email me instead. If you email me, still post a comment here so I can have one list of participants. Next Friday, I will pick a winner randomly from everyone who played.

As for the photos, don't stress. They don't have to be gorgeous, or a specific thing. You can interpret the guidelines however you want. It is just a fun game to make you think outside the box a little, and tell us something about yourself in a visual way. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

First, the list. Pick 8 of the following ten to try:
1. Something you need every single day
2. Something you once lost, but finally found
3. A happy place in your house
4. Something you ate today
5. A picture of a picture
6. A favorite book
7. Something "Fall-y"
8. Your favorite color
9. Something from your childhood
10. Something from your to-do list

Look the list over, and ponder what you might do to fulfill the requirement. Really think about it a bit and get your OWN ideas... Because I'm gonna show you MY examples below, and I am so happy if they help you, but I also would love to see your own twist to the game.

Feeling excited to get going? So was I! Okay, here is what I came up with this afternoon:

{oh, my PHONE. It isn't fancy like all you iPhone users out there... but I get email and Twitter from it and I talk to my girlfriends and family when I am feeling isolated in my SAHM life, and I pretty much have it near me always.}

{remember the pinking shears I mentioned? Yay! Found them!! But not before I took Miss Emily L. up on her offer to lend me hers... So THANK YOU, Emily!!}

{mmm... my pillows.... my comforter... my hubs.... Sleep.... HAPPY!}

{Aldi generic cereal? A mainstay in my house! Mostly for late-night snacks!}

{This is my latest BIG print... Love my baby who isn't much of a baby anymore... LOVE photographs in my home.}

{This whole row of books are dear to me, and closest to my nightstand for easy access...LOVE inspiring books that help me know myself better...}

{Morning Art with Noah-- we did owls and he did the eyes. We've also bee working on pumpkins. LOVE showing him Fall through art projects...}

{red and turquoise... Also, I love green and orange. And any combo of the four. LOVE.}

{This silly "treasure box" was in my storage room... I had gotten it out a couple of years ago for another art project, and it never got fully put away. So it was perfect for this shot. This is from when I was about 10 or 11.}

{The contents are fascinating to me, and utterly delightful. I think I'll blog some details about it later. I took more photos for it....}

{Ah, that storage room... Mostly organized, but getting blurry around the edges. One good hour and I can have it back in ship-shape. Just need to make that hour happen....}

Okay.... There it is. Photo scavenger hunt. Cell phone photos count! One week to submit your entry. If you blog it before Friday, tell your friends they can come play, too! I'd love to see a TON of these!

Go, have fun! Get snappin'!


  1. This is so fun! I am going to try it! I love yours. You're so clever with a camera. :)

  2. scavenger hunts are so fun! i just had one on my blog too and it was great to see what people came up with! love the owl eye idea... my girls are obsessed with googly eyes so i might borrow this idea!

  3. I LOVE that photo meme...and if I weren't so lazy about taking photos, then loading them on to the computer and do some minor (MINOR MINOR) editing, I'd definitely do one. :)

    And seriously, that 'item from your childhood' is UTTERLY charming! Oh my GOSH! It looks....staged, almost...even though I *know* it's not. Like a professional designer put it together for a 'vintage schooldays packet' at some fancy-schmancy art store like Urban Arts & Crafts in Kansas City (which, by the way? YOU WOULD DIE. you would die.) How cool.

    Love you, love everything about you. Smmmmmmmoooooooooooch!

  4. OOoh, off to find my camera... tra la la...

  5. Did it!!!

  6. This sounds like fun...mainly because I love those FALL prizes..and STARBUCKS!!

  7. The above comment from "Joseph" is really me (Emily Feldman), but my husband Joe is the one with the Google account.. I will be emailing you my pictures....because I don't have a blog (a totsite rather)...can't wait

  8. I was an overachiever and did all ten. Thanks for the great idea. It was a lot of fun.

  9. I'm finished! So much fun Em!

  10. Here is mine. Since I don't blog I just made a flickr album.

  11. It has, sadly, been more than a MONTH since I last posted on my blog. Oh my. This may or may not count since I had all these photos already, but it's at least an update to the blog. So, thank you for convincing me to go back and get SOMETHING new up there. I love your list, especially the morning art.

  12. I got it done while Noah was napping! Thanks for the fun little project!

  13. Ok I tried it. You can see the photos on our blog at but I must reittorate that I am not a professional. :) But I had fun!


    I did all ten. It was fun :) I wish I had remembered to do it during the day, so I could have gotten pictures...but I love the ones I have, so I'm ok with it!

    So fun! Thanks for hosting :)

  15. I like my pics of the Apples, pumpkins, bed, and shoes too. They were the most fun, but you are so clever in your designs! And I found someone here in Salt lake I am going to try for family pics. I am stealing your mustache idea for a funny pic. Am I allowed? :)

  16. Em, I don't blog but I want to play.... i need an excuse to do something fun tonight.

    I posted them to an album:

    thanks for the distraction!

  17. This was fun! Thanks for the inspiration. Just posted it on my blog.

  18. This was so much fun! Hope you like it!

  19. Hi!
    I'm from the nov 07 baby board and I love following your blogs! I'm gonna try this contest out it looks like loads of fun and I adore autum/halloween.

  20. I just finished and posted at

    Loved doing it!

  21. Ok, it has been so much fun reading everyones entries and feeling like a part of "Emily's community"! Thanks for doing this, it was just what I needed to help usher in autumn.
    Here's my BLOG entry....

  22. Here it is...thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I played along, it was so much fun. Thanks for hosting...

  24. That was a lot of fun!! Thanks for having this contest! :)

  25. Okay, so I found you through a friend. :) Here's the results of my scavenging through the house while my son slept.

  26. Yay... I finally had some time this afternoon for my scavenger hunt! I also created a set on flickr (thanks for the idea, Dawn!) and thanks for the fun, Em!

    - Judie

  27. I did it and loved it.

  28. i did it! and it was so much fun -- thank you for the great idea!


  29. i did it! and it was so much fun -- thank you for the great idea!


  30. I finally had some time this afternoon for my scavenger hunt! I also created a set on flickr (thanks for the idea,

    gclub online


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